“Venice Vibe: J.Lo and Ben Affleck’s Fun-Filled Adventure Featuring a Stylish Pinstripe Co-ord”

On the tenth day of the Venice Film Festival, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were caught on camera publicly expressing their affection towards each other. J-Lo, who is 52 years old, arrived in an elegant pinstripe co-ordinate outfit while Ben, who is 49 years old, looked dapper in a navy black suit paired with an unbuttoned shirt. The couple, who were in the city for Ben’s film premiere of The Last Duel, strolled hand in hand through the stunning city before Ben assisted J-Lo into a water taxi, showcasing his chivalry.

Absolutely smitten: Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Ben Affleck continued their public display of affection on Friday as they arrived for the 10th day of the Venice Film Festival

For the past 10 days, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been spotted engaging in some PDA at the Venice Film Festival. Jennifer looked gorgeous in a black and white pinstripe top that was partially cropped, paired with an A-line skirt. She styled her hair in a ponytail and wore oversized Prada sunglasses and diamond earrings to add some glamour to her look. Her tall figure was accentuated by her white strappy sandals, while her black crocodile print handbag completed her ensemble.

Power couple: The singer, 52, made a stylish arrival for the penultimate day in a chic pinstripe co-ord, while Ben, 49, cut a dapper figure in a navy black suit and partially unbuttoned shirt

Holding hands: The couple arrived for the 10th day of the Venice Film Festival

The prominent couple appeared breathtakingly beautiful as they emerged together on the penultimate day. The musician, aged 52, chose a stylish pinstriped co-ord that perfectly complemented her personality. On the other hand, her companion Ben, aged 49, wore a sleek navy black suit with an unbuttoned shirt for a more casual yet refined appearance.

Stronger together: The couple reunited earlier this year- 17 years after they broke off their engagement- and have been inseparable ever since

The strength of togetherness: A duo reunited this year, following a 17-year separation post their engagement breakup. Since then, they have remained inseparable, and no obstacle can come between them.

Day out in Italy: Jennifer enhanced her bronzed tan with a polished palette of make-up

Concerned: Ben showed off his caring side as he reached out to help support the songstress as she struggled to find her footing while getting onto the boat

Concerned: Ben showcased his kind-hearted persona by offering to lend a helping hand to the singer who was struggling to get on board the boat and steady herself.

Travelling the world: Venice is the latest stop on their Europe tour. Since going public with their romance, Ben and Jennifer enjoyed a luxury yacht holiday with stops in Monaco, St Tropez and Capri as well as Nerano last month

Ben and Jennifer are currently on a European adventure and have recently added Venice to their itinerary. They have been traveling together and enjoying a luxurious yacht trip with stops in Monaco, St Tropez, Capri, and Nerano. The couple has been in the news lately after confirming their rekindled romance to the public.
Today, J-Lo decided to embark on a solo adventure while Ben hung out with his good friend Matt Damon and actress Jodie Comer before their upcoming movie premiere for The Last Duel. Ben was spotted sporting black aviators and styling his brown hair in a small quiff to protect his eyes from the sun.
It’s been 17 years since their broken engagement, but Ben and Jennifer have been inseparable ever since they got back together and are thoroughly enjoying their time exploring the globe.

All in the details: Jennifer complemented her monochrome look with white strappy sandals and a black handbag

Strike a pose: The star couldn't resist posing up a storm in her outfit

Animated: At one point Jennifer seemed very expressive as she chatted to her team of photographers

Jennifer’s outfit was all in one color, but she added some interest to it by wearing white sandals and carrying a black purse. It’s a great example of how small details can elevate an entire outfit.

Beaming: Earlier in the day, J-Lo enjoyed a solo ride in a water taxi, after jetting to Venice earlier this week

Stunning: The Love Don't Cost A Thing hitmaker looked stunning in the black and white pinstripe top, which was partially cropped, while the matching A-line skirt added drama

J-Lo had a splendid experience riding a water taxi all by herself in Venice, which she visited earlier this week.

Bennifer: They rekindled their romance a few months ago after her split from Alex Rodriguez in April 2021 following four years of dating

Bennifer is the adorable nickname given to the rekindled love story of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Their romance started up again a few months ago after JLo parted ways with Alex Rodriguez, her partner of four years, in April 2021.

Having a laugh: While J-Lo travelled on her own, Ben, 49, headed out with his best pal Matt Damon, 50, and Jodie Comer, 28, ahead of their premiere for the film The Last Duel

Jennifer Lopez had a solo outing while her partner Ben Affleck decided to spend time with his close friend Matt Damon and the talented Jodie Comer before the premiere of their movie “The Last Duel”. It’s amusing how they all chose to spend their time differently, but it’s good to see them enjoying themselves before the big event.

Living her best life: The singer threw her head back as she soaked up the sun during the open air water taxi ride

Gorgeous: Styling her brunette hair back in a ponytail, Jennifer amped up the glamour with diamond earrings and a giant pair of oversized sunglasses

The singer was having a blast as she leaned back, feeling the sun’s rays on her face, while riding on a water taxi with no roof.

Boys' trip: Ben enjoyed a chilled drink after the boat ride, while Matt chatted a security guard

During a recent trip, a group of men enjoyed a boat ride before relaxing with some drinks. One of them, Ben, kicked back with a refreshing beverage while another, Matt, had a friendly chat with a security guard. Interestingly, Jennifer and Ben were once engaged to be married in 2003 but decided to put their plans on hold and eventually went their separate ways. However, fate brought them back together after Jennifer’s breakup with Alex Rodriguez in April 2021, following four years of dating. Despite keeping their romance under wraps for a while, they finally made it public last month by sharing the news on Instagram for Lopez’s whopping 168 million followers to see.

Love suits you: J-Lo couldn't wipe the smile off her face after joining Ben for the taxi ride

J-Lo’s face was filled with happiness as she got into a taxi with Ben, demonstrating that love suits her perfectly.

Discussion: The couple chatted as they sat in the back of the water taxi

While chilling at the back of a water taxi, Ben and Jennifer were engrossed in a conversation. They recently revealed their relationship to the public and celebrated by going on an extravagant yacht trip that included stops at Monaco, St Tropez, Capri, and Nerano. Jennifer’s former partner, ARod, was also in St Tropez for his 46th birthday celebration on a luxurious Ocean Paradise yacht worth €27,000,000 ($31,860,810) with room for up to 12 guests and a dozen crew members. However, this was nothing compared to Jennifer’s Valerie, which is worth a whopping €110,000,000 ($129,817,600). The couple was spotted earlier in the week recreating intimate scenes from Jennifer’s 2002 music video “Jenny from the Block” on board the Valerie.

High spirits: J-Lo looked like she was thoroughly enjoying the boat ride as she held on as it cruised through the water

J-Lo looked cheerful and delighted as she enjoyed a boat trip, firmly holding onto the boat as it smoothly sailed across the water.

Love Don't Cost A Thing: Jen has arrived in Venice to support her boyfriend Ben ahead of the premiere for his film

Jen has arrived in Venice to express her love for Ben and support him as he gets ready for the debut of his movie. The value of their affection is insignificant compared to the happiness and enthusiasm they experience when they are together.

Dressed up: Ben looked dapper in a navy blue suit jacket which he teamed with a white shirt that he left partially unbuttoned, while Matt rocked a grey suit

Ben was looking sharp in his navy blue suit jacket along with a white shirt that he left slightly open. On the other hand, Matt was also dressed to impress in his fashionable grey suit.

Busty: She teased a glimpse of her cleavage due to the top's square neckline

Chic: Jennifer looked effortlessly stylish in the two-piece

Fashion maven: The skirt fell just above the ankle

With her stylish two-piece outfit, Jennifer was radiating an aura of sophistication and elegance that seemed completely effortless. The square neckline of the ensemble provided a subtle glimpse of her cleavage, adding to its overall appeal.

Helping hand: The songstress was helped onto the water taxi by two security guards

Walk this way: She strutted through Venice in her white stilettos

Assisting the singer, two security personnel helped her board a water taxi in Venice, while she confidently walked in white high heels.

Sun worshiper: A perfectly manicured J-Lo tilted her head back and beamed as the sunshine basked over the boat

The sun worshipper: Sporting a perfectly put-together look, J-Lo tilted her head back and flashed a smile while basking in the cozy sunshine on the boat.

37 degrees: Ben got his temperature checked as he arrived as new Covid safety measures are taken

When Ben arrived, he had to undergo a temperature check due to the new Covid safety protocols. Reports suggest that Jennifer is committed to their relationship, but she does not feel the need to rush into getting engaged or married. An insider revealed that while they have been blending their lives and families together, they both believe that such commitments are not necessary for their happiness. They have already experienced these kinds of commitments before and are satisfied with the security of their relationship. According to sources close to them, Ben has a great admiration for Jennifer, and many agree that they are perfectly suited for each other.

Crew: The superstar had a whole entourage with her as she made her way to the film festival

As the famous personality made her way towards the film festival, she was surrounded by a huge entourage of individuals.

Suited and booted: The actor looked handsome as he arrived for day 10 of the 78th Venice Film Festival

Warm reception: He gave a friendly wave to fans

Looking suave and stylish, the artist made a grand entrance as he arrived at the 78th Venice Film Festival on its tenth day. He warmly acknowledged his fans by waving at them with a friendly gesture.

Superstars: The lovebirds looked delightedly to be greeted by their adoring fans

Famous personalities: The pair looked absolutely delighted as they were greeted by enthusiastic supporters who were in awe of them.

Glowing: Jennifer simply exuded happiness as she travelled in the water taxi

Italian city: She took in the stunning views

As Jennifer sailed on the water taxi, her happiness was evident, exuding a sense of satisfaction. It seems like the next logical step for the couple is to move in together and take their relationship to the next level. According to insiders, their friends wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up together as they value each other’s company and spend most of their free time together. Ben, who has three children with Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer, who has twins with Marc Anthony, have developed a close bond. The trio will be seen in The Last Duel, an upcoming movie that narrates the story of Jean de Carrouges, a French knight from the 14th century, fighting to death with his former friend Jacques Le Gris, played by Adam Driver.

Pure happiness: The couple looked loved-up as they left Lido beach

As they left Lido beach, the couple exuded utter happiness, emanating love and tenderness for one another.

Cheers! Jodie, Ben and Matt looked ready for action as they prepared for the premiere of their new movie The Last Duel

Hello! Jodie, Ben and Matt were all excited and dressed to the nines for the premiere of their latest film, The Last Duel.

HA! The Killing Eve star, 28, was a vision in an elegant textured top with a black skirt as she attended the photocall via water taxi with the Hollywood heavyweights

Wow, have you seen the stunning appearance of the Killing Eve star during the photocall? She looked remarkable in a tasteful textured top and a black skirt while arriving via water taxi with some big Hollywood names. Interestingly, Jodie’s character in the upcoming film, The Last Duel, is based on a character from Eric Jager’s book of the same name. In the movie, Marguerite, played by Jodie, finds herself at the center of a legal battle after she and her husband accuse Le Gris of rape. What’s more, this movie marks the writing collaboration return of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck since their award-winning script for Good Will Hunting. Alongside Nicole Holofcener, they co-wrote the screenplay. Initially, Matt and Ben were supposed to play the lead roles but due to scheduling conflicts with Ben’s Deep Water, Adam Driver took over the role of Le Gris.

Oh the glam! She flashed a hint of her waist from beneath her elegant crop top

Stunner: The high-waisted skirt was perfectly cut to show off all her best bits

Oh my, isn’t that stunning! The stylish crop top she wore showcased a hint of her midriff, elevating the allure and sophistication of her ensemble.

The whole crew! The trio were also joined by Nicole Holofcener and Ridley Scott

The complete crew assembled! In addition to the three individuals, Nicole Holofcener and Ridley Scott were included in the squad.

Stunning: Jodie looked radiant as she met the world's press in stunning style

All white? The chic crop top made a bold statement thanks to its textures

Jodie’s entrance in front of the international press was truly breathtaking. She glowed with beauty and self-assurance, effortlessly carrying off a flawless appearance that left everyone captivated.

Stunning: The Ridley Scott-directed historic epic is set to premiere at the 73rd annual event and just hours before the red carpet spectacular, the famous trio attended the glitzy photocall in front of press from all over the world

How exciting! Ridley Scott’s much-awaited historical epic is set to premiere at the 73rd annual event. The lead actors made an appearance at a glitzy photocall just a few hours before the red carpet event and were greeted by journalists from all over the world.

Chic: Jodie was a long way from Liverpool as she jetted across the water with the Hollywood legends

Jodie set out on an adventure with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, leaving her Liverpool roots far behind. The journey took her across the vast expanse of the ocean, and it was a thrilling experience that she’ll never forget.

Stylish: The trio chatted fondly during the jaunt across the water and into the event

The trio had a delightful chat while crossing the water and heading towards the gathering. They were quite chic and had a good time together.

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