“Uncovering the Painful Reality Behind Gal Gadot’s “Enjoyable” Fight Scenes: Four Slipped Discs and Bruises Everywhere”

Gal Gadot has opened up about the injuries she sustained during the making of her most recent movie, Heart Of Stone. The 38-year-old Israeli actress revealed that she suffered from four slipped discs in her neck and back, caused by filming fight scenes for the Netflix spy action thriller. Despite her injuries, Gal, who is a mother to three daughters with husband Jaron Varsano, said that she enjoys doing many of her own stunts in films, including the one-on-one combat sequences for Heart Of Stone. She added that she feels “really in control” while filming these scenes, even though she now receives strange looks due to the visible bruises covering her body.

Ouch! Gal Gadot, 38, has detailed the injuries which she sustained while filming fight scenes for her latest movie, Heart Of Stone, revealing she has four slipped discs in her neck and back

Oh no! Gal Gadot, who is 38 years old, has shared some information about the injuries she obtained while filming action-packed fight scenes for her new movie, Heart Of Stone. She disclosed that she has four herniated discs in her neck and back.

It's not all glam: The Israeli actress also admitted she gets 'weird looks' because she is now covered in bruises

The Israeli actress revealed that her life isn’t always glamorous as she confessed to receiving strange stares due to her current state of numerous bruises.

Stunt sensation: The movie star has long performed many of her own stunts in films, and enthused about doing the one-on-one combat sequences (Pictured in 2017's Wonder Woman)

The famous movie star has a history of performing her own stunts in films, particularly the one-on-one combat scenes, which she finds enjoyable. However, her physical roles have resulted in many injuries, including two neck and two back herniations. Despite this, she draws similarities between fighting and dancing, as both allow her to express herself through her body. Gal’s passion for combat was first seen on screen in 2009 when she played Gisele Yashar in Fast Furious, and she continued to perform her own stunts in the sequels. Her commitment to her craft is evident, as she has always been fearless in taking on challenging roles and maintaining her physical fitness.

Where it all started: After being crowned Miss Israel in 2004, Gal completed two years of military service in the country before studying to be a lawyer, while modelling on the side

The beginning of Gal’s journey can be traced back to when she won the title of Miss Israel in the year 2004. Following her victory, she served in the military for two years before pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer. Alongside her studies, she also worked as a model.

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