“The Wonder Woman Gal Gadot’s Empowering Address at the Critics Choice Awards 2018”

Gadot has shown her endorsement for the current trend of individuals voicing their opinions about harassment in Hollywood and other industries.

Just 48 hours after Oprah Winfrey gave an inspiring speech at the Golden Globes, Gal Gadot echoed the same sentiment at the Critics’ Choice Awards. The Hollywood actress proved why she truly is the “Wonder Woman” of Hollywood.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the Critics’ Choice Awards presented the #SeeHer award to the actress, recognizing her efforts in breaking female stereotypes both on and off screen. The award was presented by Patty Jenkins, director of “Wonder Woman.”

During her acceptance of the award, Gadot expressed that she had always dreamed of portraying a character who embodied strength, independence, purity of heart, and authenticity as a woman. She found all of these qualities in Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman.

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