Taylor Swift’s Final US Concert: A Standing Ovation Lasting Eight Minutes and a Surprising Revelation

Taylor Swift has become a phenomenon that extends beyond her music, concerts, and videos. She has evolved into a religion for many of her fans, estimated to be around three million people who have attended her recent The Eras Tour across the United States. Her sixth tour began in Arizona in March and concluded in Los Angeles after six sold-out nights at the SoFi Stadium. At these concerts, thousands of fans dress up and immerse themselves in the Swiftie atmosphere to listen to 45 songs and receive surprises from the artist herself. During this tour, Swift announced that she will re-record one of her most successful albums, 1989, which was released in 2014. Many of the songs from this album were sold without her knowledge or consent to an investment fund. Fans eagerly anticipate the album’s release on October 27th.

As soon as the countdown clock appeared on the main screen, Taylor Swift was showered with shouts and applause from over 70,000 fans, the majority being women, who had dressed up in outfits alluding to her different eras, albums, and stages. Her Eras Tour is a compilation of the greatest songs from her 10 records, with a dedicated section for each one. The pandemic prevented her from touring for her seventh album, Lover, and since then, she has released three more, which have not had their own tours. But now, she plans to sing all that music in a three-hour show, much to the delight of her fans.

The venue opened at 4:30 p.m., and people were already crowding the doors. The opening act started at 6:30 p.m. with Gayle and the band Haim, and then Swift came out herself at almost 8:00 p.m. Fans dressed up in Mardi Gras-inspired outfits, t-shirts with lyrics, and cowgirl hats, eagerly waited for her at the gates of the stadium, some even paying $1,700 per ticket.

When Swift started performing, the entire stadium was on its feet, exchanging homemade friendship bracelets. She began with Miss Americana and ended with Karma, singing songs from all her records, except for You’re On Your Own, Kid, despite it being among her greatest hits. Swift’s Eras Tour was an unforgettable experience for everyone present, and her fans left the stadium with memories that would last a lifetime.

At Taylor Swift’s recent concert in Los Angeles, two dedicated fans adorned with friendship bracelets and glitter makeup eagerly awaited her performance. The timing of the concert, on August 9th at 8:09 pm, was not a coincidence – it corresponds to the title of Taylor’s album “1989,” which also happens to be her birth year. This album is often associated with the color blue, and Taylor made sure to incorporate this theme into her wardrobe for the show. She donned a stunning new blue dress while singing songs from her album “Speak Now.” The stadium was also bathed in blue light from the bracelets worn by attendees. To the excitement of her fans, Taylor announced her newest album after performing “New Romantics,” a fan-favorite from “1989” that she intentionally saved for the last show. Outside the stadium, even the title of her latest album was displayed, further fueling the anticipation and excitement of her devoted followers.

Taylor Swift’s shows are not just concerts, they are meticulously crafted performances lasting over three hours. These shows include music, dance, speeches, and long standing ovations like the eight-minute ovation during “Champagne Problems.” The show features cabaret-style numbers, videos created for the moment, and seamless transitions between albums. The staging is refined with cabins, burning beds, stages that move up and down, colorful guitars, bicycles, and even a train blowing smoke on the huge screen behind her. During the show, Swift sings, dances, changes her clothes, plays the guitar, and piano (which includes a moss-filled one and a wooden one with hippie touches). Her vocal ability is complemented by her body language, with each song being turned into a four-minute performance.

Taylor Swift’s concert is a well-oiled machine, with each song carefully placed in its specific spot (check out the Spotify playlist to see for yourself). The audience knows exactly how to react and appreciate the nods to particular details. While the setlist stays the same for the most part, Taylor swapped out one song for a performance with her “best friends,” the Haim sisters, at her California shows. As for encores, there are two that fans eagerly anticipate, but she usually doesn’t repeat them more than twice. It’s all calculated, and it works like a charm.

Swift’s success is undoubtedly linked to her loyal fan base. At her recent stadium concert, celebrities such as Emma Stone, Becky G, and Alanis Morissette were in attendance alongside Swift’s longtime friend Karlie Kloss. However, Swift made a point of recognizing the importance of her fans in making the tour an overwhelming success. She expressed her excitement at the joy, friendship and atmosphere that the fans brought to the concerts. In her eyes, the most beautiful thing in the world was how the fans came dressed up and excited, making friends with those around them. Swift repeatedly expressed her gratitude towards her fans throughout the night. Additionally, she took the time to recognize and thank her crew, distributing bonuses totaling $55 million.

Swift has a talent for building both a loyal fanbase and her personal wealth and media attention. Her concerts consistently make headlines, from the recent announcement of her highly anticipated new album featuring five new songs to her Seattle show, where her fans caused a seismic activity measuring 2.3 magnitude. In Canada, even Prime Minister Trudeau requested her performance, with tickets being resold for over $90,000 each in Toronto. According to Bloomberg, she earns over $13 million per concert and her ongoing tour, spanning Latin America, Asia, Europe, and North America, is expected to generate $1 billion. With 110 shows left, it seems that Swift’s popularity is unstoppable.

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