Taylor Swift Pays Travis Kelce a Covert Visit in Kansas City Prior to Game, Skips Out on Minnesota Showdown

Prior to Travis Kelce’s recent NFL game in Minnesota, Taylor Swift had already spent some personal time with her new beau. The pop superstar traveled from Nashville to Kansas City on October 6th to visit the star tight end just after he celebrated his 34th birthday. Despite fans’ anticipation of seeing Swift at the game, she did not attend and the NFL later confirmed her absence.

Under the radar: Taylor Swift, 33, skipped Travis Kelce's latest game, but a source confirms to DailyMail.com that she previously had a secretive hangout session with him; seen in NYC on October 2

Taylor Swift, aged 33, went unnoticed as she did not attend Travis Kelce’s recent game. However, according to a source, she had a confidential meetup with him beforehand. The two were seen together in New York City on October 2nd.

Low key: The source said Taylor and Travis spent time together on October 6, the day after his 34th birthday, which she was not present at

An insider revealed that Taylor and Travis had a low-key meet-up on October 6, the day after his 34th birthday, which Taylor did not attend. Unfortunately, Travis suffered an ankle injury during the game, slipping on the field’s artificial turf that allows players to slide more easily. In frustration, he slammed his helmet before limping to the sidelines. However, Travis made a comeback in the third quarter, helping Kansas City win against the Minnesota Vikings with another touchdown. After missing a practice, he is expected to recover from the mild ankle injury soon. This isn’t the first time Taylor and Travis have met up secretly, as they’ve spent significant time together under the radar before being seen together at his game against the Chicago Bears last month. Despite enjoying an affectionate dinner together after the game, it seems this was just their most high-profile gathering to date.

MIA: Taylor later sat out the October 8 game against the Minnesota Vikings

Taylor was absent during the game on October 8 against the Minnesota Vikings.

Ouch! Travis injured his ankle after slipping on the stadium's artificial turf, but he returned in the third quarter to score an essential touchdown ahead of Kansas City's 27–20 win against the Vikings; seen October 1 in New Jersey

Travis sustained an ankle injury after slipping on the artificial turf at the stadium, but he made a comeback in the third quarter and scored a crucial touchdown leading Kansas City to triumph over the Vikings 27-20. This event took place on October 1 in New Jersey. Sources have disclosed to TMZ that Travis and Taylor have been occasionally hanging out together over the past few months. Although it is unclear when they began meeting up in person, Travis had expressed his desire to meet Taylor during one of her Eras Tour stops in July on his New Heights podcast. He planned to give her a bracelet with his number inscribed on it, but Taylor’s devotion to singing and putting on the best performance possible made it impossible for him to speak to her. At last month’s game, Taylor arrived alone, except for her usual bodyguards, to cheer Travis on from a box, which indicates her interest in him. However, their earlier meetings were kept extremely private to avoid attracting attention. Although they were not officially dating at the time, things are clearly heating up between them, and Taylor met Travis’ parents at her first game with him, indicating that they are getting closer.

Keeping it secret: Taylor's career continues to soar, but in her private life she is reportedly been hanging out with Kansas City tight end, Travis Kelce

According to sources, 33-year-old Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have spent time together on multiple occasions recently, and were even spotted together on Sunday in Kansas City, Missouri. The two have apparently been keeping their hangouts a secret.

Under the radar: They were seen together for the first time after she attended his Kansas City Chiefs¿Chicago Bears game on Sunday, but they previously spent time together in a 'very private setting' so as to not attract attention; seen Sunday

In a low-key move, Taylor and Travis were spotted together for the first time after she attended his football game in Kansas City on Sunday. However, sources revealed that they had spent time together privately to avoid drawing attention to their relationship. During the game, Taylor was seen cheering on Travis with his parents, who she recently met and won over, particularly his mother Donna. Although they kept PDA to a minimum at the Prime Social Rooftop restaurant after the game, witnesses reported seeing them holding hands and Taylor sitting on Travis’s lap. The dinner wasn’t entirely private as Travis’s family and some teammates were also present. Sources claimed that it was Travis who had bought out the restaurant for their afterparty, which included cocktails, snacks, and dancing. Despite a “hard close” at 8 p.m., staff offered free drinks at the venue’s sister location to ease any inconvenience caused to patrons, who reportedly asked if the closure was related to the couple.

Milestone: Another sign that Taylor the Kansas City Chiefs star are growing closer was that she met his parents Donna and Ed at Sunday's game

An indication that Taylor and the Kansas City Chiefs’ shining star are becoming closer was when she made acquaintance with his parents Donna and Ed during Sunday’s game.

Nailed it! Sources shared that the first meeting went 'very well,' and Taylor seems to have particularly won over Donna, who called her a 'lovely person'

Great job! According to insiders, the initial encounter was a success, with Donna expressing admiration for Taylor and describing her as a charming individual.

PDA: Afterward, they rented out a restaurant, and sources said they held hands and Taylor even sat on Travis' lap; seen Sunday

According to sources, Taylor and Travis rented out a restaurant after their PDA-filled outing. Witnesses spotted them holding hands and even cuddling with Taylor sitting on Travis’ lap. This all happened on a Sunday.

Not quite there: Sources said the two are not 'officially' dating, even though things are heating up; seen in July in Hollywood

According to insiders, the pair isn’t technically in a relationship yet, but their connection is getting stronger. They were spotted together in Hollywood back in July.

Staying busy: They'll be occupied in upcoming months, though, as Travis focuses on football while Taylor goes back on tour in the US and then on an international leg of her Eras Tour; seen in March

Keeping themselves occupied will be the plan for the upcoming months. Travis will have his hands full with football while Taylor embarks on the US leg of her Eras Tour followed by the international one. This was evident in their previous sighting together back in March.

On TikTok, a fan of Taylor Swift recently shared a story about how the singer paid for the meals of people who were still eating when the restaurant was closing. It seems like Taylor and Travis are on their way to a serious relationship, but their busy schedules could cause some issues in the upcoming months. Travis has important games with the Chiefs as they aim for the Super Bowl in February, while Taylor is set to embark on an international tour after completing a series of shows in the US in mid-October.

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