“Taylor Swift flaunts her toned legs in short shorts on her way to the studio in NYC, following a negative response at the NFL stadium where she supported her new beau Travis Kelce.”

Despite getting booed by an entire stadium, Taylor Swift remained unfazed as she headed to a recording studio in New York City on Tuesday. The singer appeared to be in good spirits and showcased her well-known legs in a pair of black cycling shorts. She matched the shorts with grey New Balance running shoes and a blue graphic t-shirt featuring Shania Twain with a horse, representing her pop-country roots. Additionally, she wore a khaki dad cap from Still Here New York, black designer cat-eye shades, and made her way to the famous Electric Lady Studios, where legendary artists like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder have recorded.

Unbothered: Taylor Swift didn't seem too concerned about an entire stadium booing her amid her hot new romance with Kansas City Chiefs superstar Travis Kelce

Undisturbed: Taylor Swift appeared unfazed by the jeering of an entire stadium despite her latest romantic involvement with Kansas City Chiefs’ renowned athlete, Travis Kelce.

On-the-go: The 33-year-old songstress looked in good spirits as she headed to a recording studio in New York City on Tuesday

The popular singer, aged 33, was spotted in high spirits as she made her way to a recording studio in New York City on Tuesday. Taylor Swift was seen carrying a Louis Vuitton trunk-style pochette and adorning herself with gold jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and rings. She wore her wavy, dirty blonde hair under a stylish headwear and had her signature red lipstick that contrasted her flawless porcelain skin. This appearance came shortly after New York Giants fans booed when Swift’s image was displayed at the MetLife stadium to promote her concert movie about her successful Eras tour. The previous day, Swift cheered for her new beau Travis’s Kansas City Chiefs at the Meadowlands Stadium, where they beat the New York Jets. The NFL seems to be capitalizing on Swift’s presence at games, given the immense audience turnout of around 27 million people during the Sunday Chiefs game. The league also updated its Instagram page with a post saying ‘The Chiefs are 2-0 as Swifties,’ which received negative reviews from fans, resulting in its removal from the platform. During the game, NBC cameras frequently cut to Swift, capturing her reactions to various plays. Notably, some NFL fans have criticized Taylor Swift’s football takeover, with one award-winning sports writer stating that NBC made it “really annoying.”

Strutting her stuff: She showcased her signature legs in a pair of tiny clinging black bicycle shorts

She made her way to the iconic Electric Lady Studios where music legends like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder have recorded

Walking confidently, she flaunted her well-known feature, her legs, by donning a tight black cycling shorts as she headed towards the prestigious Electric Lady Studios. The recording studio has witnessed the creation of music masterpieces by legendary artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder.

Leggy lady: She teamed the bottoms with a pair of grey New Balance Running shoes and represented her pop country roots with a blue graphic T-Shirt featuring a photo of Shania Twain with a horse

The slender woman paired her pants with some athletic grey New Balance sneakers and paid homage to her country music background by sporting a blue tee adorned with a snapshot of Shania Twain and a horse.

Details: Taylor also donned a khaki dad cap from Still Here New York

She made sure to wear protection from the sun in the form of black designer cat-eye shades

Taylor wore a trendy khaki dad cap from the fashion brand Still Here New York, and she was thoughtful enough to shield herself from the sun with stylish black cat-eye sunglasses.

Pretty: The Blank Space hitmaker accessorized with a Louis Vuitton vertical trunk monogrammed pochette along with plenty of gold jewelry including earrings, rings, and necklaces

Taylor Swift was seen accessorizing her outfit with a Louis Vuitton vertical trunk monogrammed pochette and several pieces of gold jewelry, including earrings, rings, and necklaces. However, Fox contributor Tomi Lahren expressed her annoyance with the extensive coverage of Swift at the game and how it was ruining football for her. Terry Bradshaw, co-host of Fox NFL Sunday, even handed out handmade Taylor Swift friendship bracelets to his colleagues during the live broadcast. The singer’s celebrity friends, like Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman, joined her in her suite at MetLife to watch the exciting Week 4 Chiefs vs. Jets matchup. With an estimated 29.4 million viewership peak, this game had 2.68 million more viewers than the previous game where Swift cheered on Kelce and the Chiefs against the Bears. NBC Sports’ digital platforms had their largest streaming audience ever at a regular-season Sunday NFL game, with 1.85 million viewers tuning in, marking a 42% increase from last year’s Week 4 game. Swift’s support has also brought a new demographic, the Swifties, to the NFL.

Furious NFL fans have slammed the fanfare surrounding Taylor (pictured with Ryan Reynolds) and her supposed boyfriend Travis after NBC cut to the singer 17 different times during Sunday night's broadcast of the Jets-Chiefs game

Enraged supporters of the NFL have criticized the excessive attention given to Taylor and her alleged partner Travis during NBC’s coverage of the Jets-Chiefs match on Sunday night. The network cut to the singer a whopping 17 times, leaving many fans furious. Taylor was spotted at the game with actor Ryan Reynolds.

At least one Giants fan was not keen to see Taylor Swift's face on the screen on Monday night

On Monday night, there was a Giants fan who expressed their displeasure with the sight of Taylor Swift’s face on the screen.

Furious NFL fans have slammed the fanfare surrounding Taylor Swift and her supposed boyfriend Travis Kelce after NBC cut to the singer 17 different times during Sunday night's broadcast of the Jets-Chiefs game

Numerous NFL enthusiasts expressed their outrage at the excessive Taylor Swift coverage during Sunday’s game between the Jets and Chiefs. NBC received criticism for featuring the singer and her rumored beau, Travis Kelce, on camera 17 times throughout the broadcast. Despite an increase in female viewership by over 2 million, social media was filled with angry football fans who were unhappy with the network’s focus on Swift and her famous friends’ suite at MetLife stadium. Many viewers believed the cameras should have remained on the players celebrating on the field instead of showing Taylor and her companions. Although Swift has not commented on her relationship with Kelce, she was seen whispering to actress Blake Lively while watching the game.

Swift was caught by NBC's cameras turning to Blake Lively and saying 'look at him'

During the NBC broadcast, Swift was captured on camera looking towards Blake Lively and commenting “see him”.

That figure is almost three million more than the 24.32 who watched the Chiefs' claim victory over the Bears with Swift in the stands at Arrowhead last week

The number of viewers for the recent game where the Chiefs won against the Bears and Taylor Swift was in attendance is almost three million more than the previous game. Fans went crazy after seeing a clip of Swift on live television, with one Instagram user commenting on how she can’t believe she’s with such a hot athlete. Another fan said that she looks smitten as a kitten. After the game, it’s speculated that Kelce and Swift left the stadium separately, with Kelce sticking with his team and Swift heading to the private members club Zero Bond in New York City to continue partying. The Chiefs are scheduled to face Kirk Cousins in Minnesota for their next game. Meanwhile, the Seahawks easily defeated the Giants who are not fans of Swift with a score of 24-3.

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