Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Spotted Engaging in PDA at SNL Afterparty and Nobu Date Night

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were reportedly spotted showing PDA at the after-party for the season premiere of SNL on October 15. The couple walked into Catch NYC, a swanky steakhouse frequented by celebrities, while holding hands. An inside source reported that the two seemed to be enjoying each other’s company and were even seen kissing throughout the night. This was the first instance of public affection from the couple since they started dating. Prior to attending the SNL premiere, they had dinner together at Nobu where they were seen cuddling and holding onto each other.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were spotted leaving the SNL afterparty together on Sunday morning with hands locked

On Sunday morning, it was observed that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were seen exiting the afterparty of SNL. They were seen holding hands as they left the event.

The new couple appeared to have partied into the early hours after enjoying dinner at Nobu, an upscale Japanese restaurant frequented by celebrities like Justin and Hailey Bieber

The recently-formed pair seemed to have celebrated extensively well into the wee hours after relishing a meal at Nobu, an exclusive Japanese eatery commonly visited by famous personalities like Justin and Hailey Bieber.

Sunday morning marked their first display of public affection since their romance began - but the pair were said to have been clinging to each other during the afterparty

On Sunday morning, the couple displayed their public affection for the first time since they started seeing each other. According to reports, they were holding onto each other tightly during the afterparty.

Kelce assisted the Midnights’ singer with putting on her coat before they left. Later that night, the couple appeared on a late-night comedy show where Kelce participated in a sketch that playfully poked fun at their very public relationship. The sketch featured sports commentator Curt Menefee played by Kenan Thompson, who grew annoyed with his co-anchors speaking adoringly about the singer, Swift. Menefee referred to ‘Bad Blood’, only for his castmates to break into the Swift tune, causing him to explode and say he was done. Swift announced Ice Spice as the night’s musical guest, sending the crowd into a frenzy. After the show, Swift was seen chatting with the rapper and her friends at the cast party, where everyone was in a great mood and having a great time, according to a source.

Kelce had his arms around Swift's waist during the party, a source revealed, which was attended by SNL castmates and a new celebrity couple - Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline

According to a source, Kelce was seen with his arms wrapped around Swift’s waist during the party, which was attended by several SNL cast members and a recently confirmed celebrity couple – Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were spotted leaving the SNL afterparty together Saturday night

The A-list lovebirds attended the cast afterpart after surprise cameos on SNL

The celebrity couple, who are popular among the elites, made an appearance at the post-show celebration following their unexpected guest appearances on Saturday Night Live.

Kelce and Swift were glued to each other even after they ducked out of the party around 4am

Swift gazed lovingly at her new beau with a smile as he guided her to a waiting vehicle

They walked hand in hand through the dimly lit streets of the city, having just left a party at 4am.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was seen opening the door of a waiting car for the hitmaker, who sported her signature red lip

Kansas City Chiefs tight end was spotted escorting singer Taylor Swift to a waiting car after attending a party in New York. Other famous personalities present at the gathering include Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline, who recently debuted as a couple, and comedians such as Dave Chapelle, Michael Che, and Colin Jost. The group was seen enjoying each other’s company throughout the night, with Kelce and Swift spending most of the time together. They left the venue hand-in-hand, with Kelce helping Swift into the car. It is speculated that the duo might attend a New York Jets game on Sunday afternoon, where Kelce’s brother, Jason, will be playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Swift was wearing a gray plaid peacoat and a Versace corset top while Kelce opted for a cream-colored varsity jacket over a dual-tone button-up shirt, brown pants, and white sneakers.

The pop star was seen smiling and laughing throughout the evening, seemingly enamored with her new boyfriend

Throughout the evening, the pop star was spotted with a grin on her face, thoroughly enjoying the company of her new beau. It appeared as though she was quite taken with him.

The music sensation and the star tight end were spotted leaving the afterparty hand-in-hand

The two-time Super Bowl winner clutched Swift's hand as he guided her out of the back door

The popular musician and the acclaimed tight end were seen exiting the post-event gathering while holding hands.

The Chiefs' star tight end, still holding his new gal's hand, then carefully helped her into the car

The pair had been seen cuddling and embracing at the SNL afterparty hours earlier

As they reached their vehicle, Kelce held onto Swift’s hand until she safely got inside.

The athlete kept it simple in a fuzzy jacket, dual-tone button-up shirt and brown slacks with crisp white sneakers

The sportsman opted for a casual look, donning a fuzzy jacket over a dual-tone button-up shirt and brown slacks. He completed the outfit with a pair of crisp white sneakers. This low-key outing happened shortly after reports emerged that Taylor Swift and Kelce have been supportive of each other’s busy schedules. According to insiders, this understanding makes them a great match. Despite their relationship being new, the couple is said to really like each other. They’re taking things slow and plan to create moments to get to know each other better. The pair went public a few weeks ago, and Swift has been spotted attending several of Kelce’s games. Recently, she even spent time with his parents during one of his games. The trio watched the Kansas City Chiefs play against the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium.

Their outing comes amid speculation they could attend his brother Jason's game for the Philadelphia Eagles against the New York Jets Sunday afternoon

The two individuals went out together, and there are rumors that they may be planning to attend Philadelphia Eagles’ Jason’s game against New York Jets on Sunday afternoon.

The celebrity couple wore contrasting outfits during their night out

Kelce opted for a white-and-brown look, while Taylor stuck with an all-black ensemble and checkered peacoat

Kelce chose to dress in white and brown while Swift went for a black ensemble paired with a checkered peacoat, creating a distinct contrast between their outfits.

The pop sensation looked ravishing in a black corset top, black slacks and towering heels. She paired the outfit with a shiny leather handbag, gold chain-link necklace and checked peacoat

The music icon appeared stunning in a black corset top, accompanied by black slacks and high heels. She complemented the ensemble with a shiny leather purse, a gold chain necklace, and a checked peacoat.

The couple were seen sporting the same outfits during their brief cameos on SNL

During their brief cameo on SNL, the couple was seen wearing matching outfits. Fans were delighted to see Taylor conversing with Travis’ father for the first time. Mom Donna was also spotted donning a stack of friendship bracelets, a trend among Taylor’s fans who are referred to as ‘Swifties.’ She spent the night at Travis’ home after the game, as confirmed by photos of her security outside his home. A mysterious passenger, sporting white sneakers, boarded Taylor’s private jet before it took off from Kansas City, fueling rumors that Travis had joined her. Both she and Ed sported red attire during her third visit to a Kansas City Chiefs game this season in support of Travis and his team. According to a source from US Weekly, Taylor will attend more football games in the future, though she may not be able to attend all remaining schedules.

Swift's security team was spotted outside Kelce's house the morning after Thursday's game against the Denver Broncos, sparking speculation that she had spent the night

There were rumors that Taylor Swift may have spent the night at Kelce’s house after her security team was seen outside his residence the morning after the Broncos game.

That same day, a 'mystery passenger' - no more than a white pair of sneakers - was seen boarding the pop star's plane, igniting rumors that Kelce had joined her

On that particular day, rumors started circulating when a ‘mystery passenger’ was spotted boarding the plane of the popstar. The passenger was nothing more than a pair of white sneakers, leading to speculation that Kelce may have been traveling with her.

Swift stopped by to announce musical guest, Ice Spice, which sent the crowd into a frenzy while appearing on the premiere episode of Saturday Night Live

During the first episode of Saturday Night Live, Swift made a surprise appearance to let everyone know that Ice Spice would be performing. The audience went wild with excitement at the announcement.

Kelce made a surprise cameo during a sketch that poked fun at his very public romance with Swift

Kelce had a surprise appearance during a sketch that poked fun at his relationship with Taylor Swift. According to an insider, Taylor does not want to be a distraction for Travis and understands that her presence at his games can create a spectacle. She wants to support him while not being too distracting for his team. It is unclear when they started dating in person, but Travis mentioned on his podcast in July that he hoped to meet Taylor at one of her concerts. At last Sunday’s game, Taylor arrived alone to cheer on Travis from a box. Sources say that their earlier meetings were in private to avoid attention. Some rumors suggest that Taylor is moving towards a more open relationship, but other outlets claim that they are not officially dating.

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