“Swifties Unravel Google Riddles to Reveal Taylor Swift’s Unreleased Track Names”

According to reports, Taylor Swift fans have been playfully teasing that they have caused the crashing of Ticketmaster and Spotify websites, and now they have gone as far as “breaking” Google. Though it’s not entirely accurate, Google’s latest collaboration with Swift, an Easter egg word puzzle game, seemed to have experienced some glitches due to the overwhelming number of fans rushing to complete the latest challenge.

Taylor Swift and Google recently teamed up to launch a fun and interactive game for her fans. To participate, users simply search for “Taylor Swift” and click on the blue vault icon that appears. The game consists of 89 word puzzles, which are a nod to her upcoming album, “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” Players must correctly solve each puzzle by typing in the answer in the search bar. However, the real challenge lies in reaching a collective total of 33 million completed puzzles. Once this goal is achieved, fans will be rewarded with the track titles of previously unreleased songs from the album, also known as “vault” tracks among Taylor’s loyal followers. It all started with the star-studded MTV Video Music Awards held at Prudential Center in Newark on September 12, where Taylor Swift made an appearance.

For individuals who aren’t fans, the idea of going through so much trouble just to discover a song title may seem overwhelming. However, devoted followers of Taylor Swift believed it was worth the effort and quickly created Reddit threads and spreadsheets with the answers. They were able to solve all 33 million puzzles in just a few hours. Their dedication was so fierce that Google couldn’t keep up and on Tuesday afternoon, several fans expressed frustration about the game no longer working for them. Many tweets indicated that Taylor Swift had broken the internet and that Google was not functioning properly. In response, fans shared tips on how to access the vault, including using a laptop instead of a cellphone and repeatedly refreshing browsers.

Google has acknowledged experiencing technical difficulties through a cleverly worded message posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. The message, which contained lyrics from Taylor Swift’s hit song “Blank Space,” assured fans that the issue was being addressed and would be resolved soon. Swift is renowned for her pre-album publicity tactics, often incorporating hints and clues in her music and social media posts to engage her followers. Her latest album, “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” set for release on October 27, includes previously unreleased tracks that fans have eagerly awaited. To promote the album, Swift and Google created an elaborate puzzle for fans to solve, generating massive search traffic and benefiting both parties. Fans of Swift are accustomed to decoding her messages, making this strategy particularly effective for her.

According to Elly McCausland, a professor of literary studies at Ghent University in Belgium who will soon be teaching a course on Taylor Swift and literature, the singer’s popularity has skyrocketed recently thanks to her unique sense of playfulness. This has led to fans becoming involved in clue-hunting initiatives, turning it into a game where the fans are the players. While there have been some complaints about the high level of commercialization, Swift’s lyrics and song titles lend themselves to word games due to their relatability and use of idiomatic phrases. Furthermore, Swift’s writing is filled with intertextuality, where every piece of writing references another piece of writing. Fans may find analyzing Swift’s work rewarding because of this.


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