Surprising Turn of Events: J.Lo Shows off her Unprocessed Locks while a Circus Performer Sprinkles Confetti at LAX

The LAX terminal experienced an unusual occurrence when a clown with tattoos unexpectedly showered Jennifer Lopez with confetti. To her surprise, the pop icon had to take time to remove the tiny bits of paper from her hair. Although she was irritated by the situation, some pieces of confetti still clung to her Michael Kors blue-knit jumper. Watch the video below for further information.

Noit funny: A tattooed clown surprised Jennifer Lopez by confetti-bombing her inside LAX terminal on Tuesday

Jennifer Lopez was caught off guard when a clown with tattoos showered her with confetti at the LAX terminal on Tuesday. Though the incident was unexpected, Jennifer didn’t make any fuss and calmly proceeded to check in at TSA security. The man behind this strange act was Richie the Barber, a 29-year-old known for his attention-seeking behavior and previous pranks on Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian in West Hollywood last year.

What the heck? The 45-year-old pop diva was not amused as she removed tiny pieces of colourful paper out of her extension-free locks

What the heck? The 45-year-old pop diva was not amused as she removed tiny pieces of colourful paper out of her extension-free locks

Oh my goodness! The 45-year-old pop star was quite unhappy as she began removing tiny pieces of colorful paper from her hair, which did not include any extensions.

Terrifying: Her assailant was none other than Richie the Barber, a fame-hungry 29-year-old who works at Bolt Barbers in Los Angeles

Terrifying: The individual who assaulted her turned out to be Richie the Barber, a 29-year-old aspiring to become famous and employed at Bolt Barbers in Los Angeles. In April 2014, the reality star siblings were shopping at The Rug Company when the tattooed clown showered them with confetti. Although Khloe responded promptly by ignoring it, Kourtney continued walking without pausing as she headed back to her car. The entire incident was captured on film for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, leading to speculation that it may have been premeditated rather than spontaneous. According to Rumor Fix, Richie has a history of being banned from The Grove mall and frequently faces accusations of stalking and battery, but he always manages to escape punishment.

Buzz off, bozo! Jennifer could be seen swatting her hand at the debris as the serial prankster - born Esposito - grinned with glee

Jennifer shooed away Esposito, who was notorious for his playful tricks, while he chuckled with amusement. Try Me, the singer, looked absolutely gorgeous in her travel attire, flaunting her well-toned belly in classic flared denim jeans and hidden platform footwear.

Whatever: But the two-time Grammy nominee's cropped, Michael Kors blue-knit jumper was still covered in confetti

Regardless of what has transpired, the musician who has received two Grammy nominations remained adorned in a vibrant Michael Kors short sweater in the color blue, embellished with confetti.

Remained unruffled: Jennifer managed to keep her composure and simply shook off the bizarre incident and checked into TSA security

Despite encountering a peculiar incident prior to passing through TSA security, Jennifer managed to stay composed and unfazed. The individual behind the incident has a reputation for throwing confetti at celebrities such as Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan during their court appearances and had apparently targeted Jennifer as well. Interestingly, Jennifer’s natural bob hairstyle was another aspect that grabbed people’s attention, as she is typically seen sporting long hair extensions or top-buns in public.

They tried to press charges: Last year, Richie pulled the same exact stunt on Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian in West Hollywood

Last year, Richie pulled the same prank on Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian again in West Hollywood, and they even considered legal action.

Terrifying: The green-faced barber has been banned from The Grove mall and often gets charged with stalking/battery but 'always gets off the hook'

It’s pretty unsettling to learn that The Grove mall has disqualified the barber with a green visage due to his unmanageable conduct, such as claims of harassment and physical assault. Despite his frequent run-ins with the law, he somehow manages to dodge penalties.

Would you let this man cut your hair? The inked-up jokester has also reportedly confetti-bombed Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan twice at court

Do you think you’d feel comfortable having this tattooed comedian cut your hair? Apparently, he’s known for pranks like showering Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan with confetti while they were in court. Jennifer Lopez revealed her natural, curly locks in an Instagram post back in December, but fans will get to see them again in the upcoming movie Lila & Eve. In the film, which hits US theaters on July 31, Lopez and Viola Davis play two mothers seeking revenge. Singer Try Me looked stylishly retro for her flight, showing off toned abs in flared blue jeans and platform shoes.

Signing autographs: Lopez also attracted attention by revealing her natural bob, which is an incredibly rare sight

Lopez caused quite a commotion when she revealed her own bob hairstyle, which is rarely seen, during a signing session.

Mermaid hair: When it comes to the public, the American Idol judge normally only rocks top-buns or her signature waist-length hair extensions (pictured May 17)

It’s not often that we see the American Idol judge with hair resembling that of a mermaid. Typically, she opts for top-buns or her well-known waist-length extensions (as evidenced by a photo taken on May 17th).

Nothing new! But the Boy Next Door star - who normally rocks top-buns or waist-length hair extensions - sported a nearly identical bob as far back as December

JLo recently flaunted her beautiful, curly locks in public for the first time in a while. She had previously given her fans a glimpse of her natural hair through some Instagram selfies she shared in December.

Reunited with her Out of Sight co-star Viola Davis: The Home actress will soon display her real hair in the gritty vigilante thriller Lila & Eve, which hits US theaters July 31

Jennifer Lopez, the actress known for her role in Out of Sight, is set to showcase her natural hair in the upcoming movie Lila & Eve. The movie is scheduled to hit US theaters on July 31 and Jennifer is reuniting with her co-star Viola Davis for the film. During a recent outing, Jennifer was seen carrying a luxurious black Hermès Birkin bag and donning shades all day. Notably, her partner Casper Smart and children Emme and Max were not present. Jennifer had also recently taken a trip to Morocco, where she shared a photo on Instagram upon arrival. She looked comfortable and relaxed in the passenger seat of a car and appeared to be wearing a slightly different sweater. Her caption read, “And we’re here!!! Hello Morocco!!”

As she strutted down the street, the stunning lady from the Bronx kept her sunglasses on and carried a luxurious black Hermès Birkin purse with ease. Her skin was glowing with a fresh and youthful appearance.

Solo trip: Not seen with Lopez Tuesday were her on/off toyboy Casper Smart and her twins Emme and Max, 7, with ex-husband Marc Anthony

Lopez went on a solo adventure sans her on-and-off beau Casper Smart, and her seven-year-old twins Emme and Max from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony were also left behind.

Arrival: When she touched down on Wednesday she shared an Instagram photo looking relaxed in the passenger seat of a car apparently in Morocco

Jennifer Lopez arrived in Morocco on Wednesday and shared a photo on her Instagram account. In the picture, she looked calm while travelling in a car with a male companion. Despite the long journey, the famous actress was flawlessly dressed and prepared to start filming for her upcoming role in the NBC drama Shades Of Blue. In this show, Jennifer will portray the character of Harlee Santos, a New York detective and single mother. The series is composed of 13 episodes. Furthermore, Jennifer is preparing for her 20-show Las Vegas residency, which will take place at the AXIS in Planet Hollywood on January 20. Lastly, fans can also anticipate her return to American Idol as a judge for the 15th and final season on Fox.

Small-screen gig: The 13-episode drama - which premieres mid-season (2015¿16) - also features Ray Liotta, Drea de Matteo, Dayo Okeniyi, and Santino Fontana

Jennifer Lopez, fondly called JLo, is returning to TV with her latest acting project. The former Fly Girl and multi-talented artist will be portraying the character of Harlee Santos in a new 13-episode NBC series named Shades Of Blue. Santos, a Manhattan detective who happens to be a single mother, is bound to add some intense drama to our TV screens.

Vegas, baby! The Feel the Light pop diva won't kick off her 20-show Las Vegas residency at the AXIS in Planet Hollywood until January 20 (pictured April 30)

Good news for music enthusiasts residing in Las Vegas! Jennifer Lopez is all set to start her 20-show residency at AXIS in Planet Hollywood from January 20. With her spectacular live performances, the popular singer and actress will mesmerize the audience and leave them longing for more. Make sure you grab this fantastic opportunity to watch J-Lo live in concert and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Once more with feeling: And the Feel the Light singer is also set to return as judge for the 15th and final season of American Idol on Fox

Let’s say it once more with excitement: The gifted musician and the voice behind the hit song “Feel the Light” is set to return as a judge for the 15th and final season of American Idol on Fox.

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