“Sun-Kissed and Gorgeous: Demi Rose Rocks a Petite Red Bikini and White Kaftan on a Blissful Day in Ibiza”

Demi Rose confidently compares her curves to those of the Kardashians and recently turned up the heat in Ibiza by donning a red bikini. The stunning model, who is 23 years old, flaunted her shapely figure as she disembarked from a luxurious yacht and made her way to the beach. Her revealing outfit left little to the imagination and she looked absolutely sensational.

As she strolled along the beach, the stunning woman added a pair of white flip-flops to her ensemble which nicely complemented her outerwear. Demi seemed to be having a fantastic time during her overseas trip as she disembarked from a luxurious yacht with some friends. She shot to fame when she was rumored to have been dating rapper Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex. With her incredible curves and bold fashion choices, she has gained a massive following on Instagram. In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, the beauty shared her secrets for maintaining her enviable figure. Although it’s challenging to maintain a routine while traveling, she always tries to stay healthy. She claims that the fattiest food she eats is nuts and peanut butter, and her body gains weight quickly even with small indulgences. Therefore, she avoids birthday cakes and sticks to nuts as a treat, consuming a whole pot in a day. Despite feeling guilty about the high-fat content, she is content with this as her indulgence.

Expressing great confidence in her attractiveness, a former student of beauty has stated that her voluptuous figure can easily compete with that of the Kardashian sisters, as per an interview with The Sun. She proudly shared that her life involves traveling to different parts of the world and flaunting her curves, attending lavish parties, sailing on yachts, and driving fast cars. However, she also humbly acknowledged that at heart, she is just a fortunate individual from Sutton Coldfield.

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