“Selena Gomez Shows Support for Best Friend Taylor Swift at Eras Tour in LA, Joined by Half-Sister Gracie”

Selena Gomez showed her unwavering support for her close friend and pop star, Taylor Swift, by attending the fifth night of her Eras Tour in LA with her half-sister, Gracie. The singer, who had already attended Swift’s concert four months ago during her Eras Tour in Texas, took to Instagram to share several snapshots and videos of the memorable event. Among her posts was a black-and-white selfie that offered a glimpse of her attire, which included a black hoodie featuring various photos of the “Bad Blood” singer and a backward cap that partially concealed her brown hair. The “Only Murders In The Building” actress appeared to have had a blast at the concert.

Selena Gomez, a 31-year-old admirer, showed up to support her close friend Taylor Swift at the fifth night of her Eras Tour in LA on Tuesday. She was accompanied by her half-sister, Gracie, who is 10 years old.

For her second concert, the artist behind Wolves joined Taylor Swift’s Lover concert at SoFi Stadium. Prior to this, she attended Swift’s Eras Tour stop in Texas four months ago with her little sister where she flashed a peace sign towards the camera and wrote “another one” on the photo. Gomez also took selfies with her dogs Winnie and Daisy before heading to the stadium. During the concert, she recorded a clip of Swift performing her track Lover, and was seen swaying and singing along with a smile on her face. She also paused for a photo with some friends who also attended the concert and shared a picture of the friendship bracelets that they exchanged during the night. Last April, Gomez and her sister Gracie dressed up in folklore-inspired outfits when they attended Swift’s Eras Tour stop in Arlington, Texas, where Gracie had a special moment with Taylor Swift herself.

Backing up her friend: She was spotted wearing a black sweatshirt adorned with various pictures of the popular singer of the song Bad Blood.

Chic: The gorgeous woman casually placed a cap on her head, flipping it backwards to partially cover her shiny brown hair.

Enjoying the moment: Gomez proceeded to share a video where Taylor was seen singing her song, “Lover,” from her album with the same title.

Creating moments: The footage started with a view of the platform and swiftly shifted to display the performer embracing her sibling, Gracie.

The former Disney star was seen singing along to the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s song while swaying back and forth with a smile on her face. During a performance, Swift gave her hat to Selena’s 10-year-old sister Gracie in exchange for a friendship bracelet. Selena expressed her gratitude for the experience in a social media post where she called Swift her “bestie” and thanked her for the magical night. The two first met in 2008 when they were dating Jonas brothers, and Selena later spoke about how they clicked and developed a strong bond. Reflecting on their enduring friendship in 2014, Selena talked about the challenges of fame but expressed gratitude for having Taylor in her life.

Snapshot with friends: Selena made sure to capture a special moment with some of her buddies who joined her at the show.

To wrap things up, the performer shared a sneak peek with her fans of the friendship bracelets that were swapped during the night.

In April, Gomez and her sister Gracie attended Taylor’s concert during her Eras Tour stop in Arlington, Texas, which made them feel proud.

Selena mentioned in a 2014 interview with E! News that her friendship has endured over time due to the fact that both of them have persevered and stuck together through all the changes they’ve gone through.

Selena Gomez recently took to her Instagram stories to share her memories of a concert. However, before that, she posted a picture on her main page with the caption, “I let my phone pick my posts now.” Both Selena and her BFF Taylor Swift have faced criticism for their personal lives being fictionalized and commented on. Despite this, the duo has always stuck together through all the changes they’ve gone through. In fact, during Taylor’s Reputation Tour in 2018, Selena even joined her on stage to sing “Hand To Myself.” Last month, the two besties celebrated Fourth of July with Haim, a band, sporting swimsuits and big smiles towards the camera. The first snap in Selena’s Instagram carousel was a close-up image of the actress during a FaceTime call.

Impressive: The beauty captured a spontaneous pose while seated inside a dining establishment, resulting in a striking second image.

The amusingly graceful lady picked up a bowling ball and clumsily fumbled it, but surprisingly managed to hit a perfect strike without even aiming.

Gomez was all smiles after her triumph and treated the camera to a little victory dance. Her look was complete with stylish braided pigtails and a bold blue eyeshadow. In another photo, she struck a pose while seated inside a restaurant, wearing a chic white blouse that was partially unbuttoned at the top. Her sleek hair was slicked back into an updo, revealing a pair of flashy gold earrings. Selena had a bowl of delicious bread directly in front of her. Additionally, she shared a clip of her impressive bowling skills. In a humorous moment, she dropped the ball instead of aiming but still achieved a perfect strike.

Looking Fabulous: The celebrity posted a stunning selfie of herself on social media, where she was dressed to impress in a trendy black sweatshirt. The photo seemed to be an old one, but it was still stunning nevertheless.

Having a blast: The photo she shared showed her having a good time with what seemed to be her BFF, Nicola Peltz, as they engaged in a game of pool.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane! Recently, the talented artist known for her hit song “Calm Down” shared a nostalgic photo of herself in a beautiful, white beaded halter gown that she rocked at the 2022 Emmy Awards.

Selena Gomez wrapped up her post on a cheerful note by sharing a group selfie with her friends, all of whom had posed for the camera. The pop star’s joyous victory was evident from her wide smile and little happy dance captured in another photo. In addition to this, she also posted an elegant selfie of herself adorned in a black sweatshirt, as well as a playful snap of herself and her close friend Nicola Peltz shooting pool. Selena rounded out her post by including a throwback photo of herself dressed in a stunning beaded white gown that she had worn at the 2022 Emmy Awards.

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