Selena Gomez Leaves Toronto Without Justin Bieber, Sporting a Bare-faced Look and a Somber Mood.

Selena Gomez was spotted in Toronto alongside her on-and-off beau Justin Bieber over the weekend. However, Gomez was seen leaving the city all by herself on Sunday looking sad and gloomy. The young star opted for a no-makeup look as she departed from the airport after just one night in Toronto.

Where's Justin? Selena Gomez looked downcast as she left the Toronto airport by herself on Sunday after being spotted arriving with Bieber the day before

Selena Gomez appeared downcast as she departed Toronto airport alone on Sunday. The singer had been seen arriving with Justin Bieber the day before. She wore loose clothing, tinted glasses and boots for the outing. Selena has been traveling frequently to see the Baby singer, including a recent romantic trip to Canada. The couple were back together in Toronto on Saturday, arriving at their hotel, possibly to attend an event at the Toronto Film Festival.

Engrossed: The 22-year-old kept her nose in her mobile phone while heading to her departure gate

Engrossed: The 22-year-old kept her nose in her mobile phone while heading to her departure gate

Completely immersed: The young lady of 22 years kept her attention glued to her smartphone while walking towards the boarding area.

Short stay: The star was only in the Canadian city for one night

Brief Visit: Justin Bieber spent only one night in a Canadian city. During his short stay, the 20-year-old singer was seen sporting baggy olive green trousers matched with a black sweater and white trainers. To complete the look, he donned a broad-rimmed black hat and sunglasses while walking alongside his girlfriend. Selena Gomez appeared stylish in high-waisted grey jeans, a grey sweater, brown booties, and an oversized black cardigan. Her dark hair cascaded down her back in loose, straight waves, and her make-up was kept fresh and natural.

Dutiful: The singer rearranged her carry ons before enter her terminal

Responsible: Just before entering the terminal, the vocalist made sure to organize her carry-ons.

Ready to travel: The star carried some ear phones for the flight

Prepared for the journey: The celebrity brought along a set of earphones to use during the flight.

Watch your step! The singer kept her gaze locked into her phone while she headed to her departure gate

Be careful! The vocalist remained fixated on her mobile device as she made her way towards the boarding area.

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