Scarlett Johansson’s Response to ‘Under the Skin’ Being Booed at Venice Film Festival, as Told by Festival Director

In the movie “Under the Skin” released in 2013, the performer took on the role of an extraterrestrial being.

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Back in 2013, Scarlett Johansson was moved by the reaction of the crowd towards her film, Under the Skin, at the Venice International Film Festival. As the festival is set to start again this year, its artistic director, Alberto Barbera, reminisced about some of the unforgettable moments from previous years. Barbera shared that a decade ago, during one screening, Johansson almost wept as the audience booed her film. He said that it was one of the most terrible screenings he had ever attended and that it was the only time that a movie had been jeered at.

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When people initially booed Under the Skin, Jonathan Glazer, the director, attempted to reassure Scarlett Johansson that the film would eventually receive recognition. His prediction came true, as the movie has since acquired a cult following. The plot centers around Johansson playing an extraterrestrial who must blend in with human society while also preying on men in Glasgow. Certain scenes were improvised by Johansson using a concealed camera and unsuspecting bystanders. Johansson mentioned feeling confused when the audience initially booed the film during its release in 2014.

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During an interview, Scarlett Johansson shared her experience of watching her finished film for the first time with an audience. She revealed that she felt super-exposed while sitting on a huge mezzanine. At the end of the movie, she heard people cheering and booing equally, which left her shocked and unsure of how to react. While Johansson was disturbed, her director Jonathan was filled with glee and thrilled by the reaction. After leaving the theater, Johansson found the experience strange, while Jonathan considered it the best reaction and most amazing sound he had ever heard.

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In a previous interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, Johansson shared the mixed reactions that the film received at the Venice Film Festival. She expressed her satisfaction with how engaged the audience was, regardless of whether they loved or hated the movie. For her, the goal was to create an experience that would stick in people’s minds long after they left the theater. The actress also talked about the personal journey that the film took her on and expressed difficulty in stepping back to analyze its themes objectively. She jokingly mentioned how she and the director struggled to describe it when asked.

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