“Radiant and Chic: Selena Gomez Shines in Latest PUMA Advertising”

I am full of self-assurance. I feel like I have the strength to do anything. I am the one who is in charge. My courage knows no bounds.

PUMA has recently launched their latest campaign that features Selena Gomez showcasing various stretches for their new ballet-inspired collection called “En Pointe”. This marks the second campaign for Gomez since being appointed as the brand ambassador back in 2017.

PUMA’s collection was designed with bold women in mind and draws inspiration from the dancers of the New York City ballet. The line boasts features that cater to the dancers’ need for fluidity and dynamic movement. This information was shared in a press release by PUMA.

For those who follow Selena Gomez, it’s no secret that she’s been surrounded by rumors and speculation since getting back together with her on-again-off-again beau Justin Bieber, shortly after breaking up with fellow Puma ambassador The Weeknd. However, in a recent video featuring her hit song “Wolves” with Marshmello, Gomez appeared serene and stunning. It begs the question whether she was addressing any of the drama in the official press release.

Gomez expressed her self-assurance, strength, and command by saying, “I am confident. I am empowered. I am in control. I am courageous.” She emphasized that she is authentic and genuine without any pretenses or alterations. Even though she acknowledges that she’s not flawless, she embraces her true self.

Staying true to its ballet origins, Puma’s En Pointe collection features lightweight apparel in the trendy shade of millennial pink, as well as black, embellished with elegant satin accents.

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