“On-Set Fun: Gal Gadot and Sophie Okonedo Shoot Scenes for ‘Heart of Stone’ in London Park”

Gal Gadot is once again on the film set for her upcoming movie.

As they filmed scenes for their upcoming movie “Heart of Stone” in London, England on June 23rd, the actress who is 37 years old and her co-star Sophie Okonedo were spotted strolling through a park.

Take a look at the most recent photographs featuring Gal Gadot.

During a break in filming, the female actors took a seat on a bench and engaged in conversation.

Up until now, the storyline for “Heart of Stone” has been kept a secret and hasn’t been fully disclosed to the public. But, rumors are spreading that the film falls into the category of a suspenseful spy thriller.

Some time back, Gal was seen shooting night scenes alongside her co-actor Jamie Donan.

Did you catch it? Gal just posted some really cute and unique pictures of her trio of daughters! Check it out on justjared.com.

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