“NFL’s Attempt to Incorporate Taylor Swift References in Social Media Bios Backfires After Fans React Negatively”

The NFL created quite a stir among fans after a game that caused some tension between them and the league. To capitalize on the presence of Taylor Swift at the match between the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs, the NFL altered their bios on Twitter and Instagram to include references to the pop star. The league’s Instagram bio boasted about the Chiefs winning streak as “Swifties,” while their Twitter bio included a quote from her song “Best Day Ever.” Additionally, the Twitter header featured three photos of Swift reacting to the game. However, after facing backlash from many fans, the posts were promptly removed.

The NFL decided to lean further into the wave of interest they've gotten from Taylor Swift

The NFL has made a conscious effort to capitalize on the increased attention they’ve received thanks to Taylor Swift’s involvement.

Both the Instagram and Twitter accounts of the NFL changed to reference Swift on Monday

On Monday, the NFL’s Instagram and Twitter accounts have made a notable change by referencing Taylor Swift.

But quickly after, the bio line was deleted - leaving a 'blank space' there for some time

Shortly after, the bio was removed, resulting in an empty space for a period of time. The Instagram account was replaced with no words present in the bio section. Later on, the Twitter and Instagram accounts were modified once more. The Twitter account stated “Turning up in Tottenham,” likely referencing to the upcoming NFL game in London between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills. Meanwhile, the Instagram bio read “CMC 4 MVP?” probably alluding to the impressive performance of San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffery. However, the alterations did not go unnoticed, as many fans of football shared mixed opinions about the changes.

Some fans were angry with the change - saying that after a poorly officiated game, this felt like rubbing it in. Others believed that the backlash was unnecessary and overblown.

There was a mixed response from fans regarding the NFL’s decision to feature Taylor Swift in their social media bio. While some were upset and felt that it added insult to injury after a poorly officiated game, others thought the backlash was unnecessary. ESPN’s Rich Cimini called it a “bad look,” and Dov Kleiman from NFL Twitter also expressed doubt about the decision. However, some users did not see what the fuss was about, stating that football’s sanctity does not depend on a Twitter banner or Instagram bio. The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach even found humor in the situation and suggested that the pop culture crossover moment could potentially attract new fans to the sport.

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