Navigating the Challenging Toddler Years of Parenting: Scarlett Johansson’s Tips and Tricks

The thespian shares her experiences in raising her initial offspring during the stage of early childhood.

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In a recent podcast episode, Scarlett Johansson shared insights into her family life, including the experience of parenting a young child. The popular “Black Widow” actress is the mother of two children; an 8-year-old daughter from her previous marriage and a 1-year-old son with current husband, comedian Colin Jost. Johansson recounted a challenging phase when her daughter turned three, describing it as akin to being in an emotionally abusive relationship. This candid conversation offers a glimpse into the realities of parenthood and the ups and downs that come with it.

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According to Johansson, the notorious phase of the “terrible twos” actually extended to three-year-olds, making it the “terrible threes”. The whole experience was quite overwhelming for her as she witnessed intense emotional swings and a bossy attitude from her child. She felt sorry for the little ones who had to constantly deal with mood swings. Furthermore, during this phase, Johansson found that nothing she did seemed to satisfy her child. Toddlers tend to be very critical, which made it particularly difficult for her.

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Despite her daughter growing older, Johansson admitted that her family life is still filled with its share of ups and downs. As an actor and the creator of The Outset skincare line, she confessed to struggling to achieve a balance between work and family. After becoming a mother, Johansson’s outlook on life has shifted, particularly when it comes to prioritizing work projects and her family. She believes that having a child changes one’s perspective and helps the pieces of life fall into place. It becomes challenging to make decisions that will take her away from her family or cause inconvenience, and this change is significant.

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