“My School Days Were Hard”: Taylor Swift Opens Up About Her Unpopularity and Struggles with Friendships.

Nowadays, Taylor Swift always seems to have a squad of stunning female companions by her side, including popular models Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss.

During her childhood, Swift admits that she had a strong desire to have female friends but unfortunately, she didn’t have many. Despite wanting to connect with other girls her age, she felt like she was just another typical middle schooler in appearance.

Being a middle school student can be quite tough, and Swift’s experience was no different. In an interview with Chuck Klosterman of GQ, she shared a melancholic tale about her peers ditching her during a trip to the mall. Despite making plans to meet up, Swift discovered that her so-called friends had left without her and were already busily shopping when she arrived with her mother. The incident left her feeling isolated and excluded.

Klosterman shares a story that could easily be mistaken for a scene from the popular movie “Mean Girls”. The anecdote revolves around her middle school days, when she invited a group of classmates to go shopping with her. Strangely enough, each girl had a different excuse for not being able to join in on the fun. Eventually, one of the girls – Swift – had her mother agree to take her to the mall. Upon reaching their destination, Swift was shocked to find the very same girls she had called earlier, having a blast at Victoria’s Secret.

As a child, Swift recalls a time when her mother took her to the famous King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania, which was a 45-minute drive away from their home. Her mom suggested they go there to escape some painful emotions and enjoy shopping. Swift cherishes this memory and believes it’s one of the reasons why she values her female friendships so much now. She never had close female friends before and is afraid of losing them.

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