“My Desperate Quest for Fame: How I Went to Extremes to Get Noticed” by Kim Kardashian

Despite being one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Kim Kardashian has revealed that there was a period when she was extremely eager for fame. Prior to gaining recognition on her own merits, she was only known as Paris Hilton’s stylist or Ray-J’s girlfriend in the notorious sex tape. The reality star, now 40 years old, disclosed this during the inaugural part of The Final Curtain, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion show that aired on E! on Thursday evening.

Kim Kardashian, who is now a billionaire, recently reflected on her past and expressed her eagerness to have her picture taken by paparazzi before she became famous. During the KUWTK reunion, the 40-year-old reality star revealed that she used to visit places where paparazzi were commonly seen and would do anything to catch their attention, even if it meant making unnecessary stops. Although she acknowledged that she knew exactly where the paparazzi were located, she denied calling them herself. Furthermore, she indicated that she would not wash off the hair and makeup until after she had been photographed.

The previous stylist of Paris Hilton has confessed to seeking out places where paparazzi usually hung around just to get some attention. In 2010, she would stop at Robertson and The Ivy to grab something even if it was just an empty bag or some bread to go. She would then run in pretending that she left something like her glasses there, which made her laugh. Now, when she looks back on that time, she can laugh about it and admits that she was super desperate. She believes that people should be more honest about those moments when they are desperate and want attention.

In hindsight, it is evident that she was famous for being Paris Hilton’s sidekick, who taught her how to handle fame and life in the limelight. Although she moved in renowned celebrity circles and was a familiar face on the party scene in Los Angeles, her sex tape with Ray-J played a significant role in promoting her image separately from her entourage. During the reunion, she acknowledged that she believed her adult video tape contributed to bringing attention to her family’s E! show, which premiered in 2007. When Cohen questioned whether the show would have achieved its enormous initial success without the scandal surrounding the sex tape, Kim confessed that it was unlikely.

Reflecting on her past, she can now find humor in her moments of desperation. However, despite her fame, she admits that there is one thing she wishes she could erase – a regrettable decision that she made. While she tries not to dwell on regrets, this particular incident still haunts her. Despite the ups and downs of her high profile romances, she remains positive about her relationships, even as she goes through a divorce from her famous rapper husband. She acknowledges that he will always be family to her.

She has managed to maintain her position in Hollywood even after tying the knot with Kanye West and raising four children together, as depicted in a February 2020 photo. Kris Jenner, her momager, aided her in leveraging her reality show stardom into several profitable ventures, such as SKIMS and KKW Beauty, which recently earned her a spot at the billionaire’s table. Although she enjoys an immense amount of fame, she has expressed that she now places a high value on privacy and would consider dating someone who is not famous in the future. She clarified that the person would need to comprehend what the entertainment industry entails. She added that her current priorities and preferences differ from those of her past self. Ultimately, she desires authenticity in her personal life.

During the reunion, Kim admitted that she thinks her well-known sex tape contributed to the popularity of her family’s reality show on E!, which premiered in 2007.

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