“Miley Cyrus Wows in Alluring Black Lingerie at NBC Dinner in New York City”

Miley Cyrus stole the show at an NBC dinner in New York City on Sunday with her bold fashion choice. The 29-year-old singer opted for a little black negligee that showcased her long legs. The silky dress featured delicate lace trimming and spaghetti straps, which added a touch of elegance to her look. To complete her chic ensemble, she paired the outfit with black stockings and black heels. Miley looked stunning in her daring outfit, proving that she’s always ahead of the fashion curve.

Black dress: Miley Cyrus showed her long legs in a little black dress on Sunday at an NBC dinner in New York City

Miley Cyrus attended a dinner hosted by NBC in New York City on Sunday evening, looking stunning in a black dress that showcased her long legs. She wore her short blonde hair with brunette tips down and accessorized with small hoop earrings, a necklace, and rings. Her full eye makeup and pink lipstick accentuated her natural beauty as she posed for the cameras with her signature tongue out. Miley was joined by her mother Tish Cyrus, 54, at the event held at the high-end Italian restaurant Marea.

Network event: The 29-year-old pop star wore a silky black dress with lacy trim and spaghetti straps for the NBC Upfronts dinner

Tongue out: The pop star flashed her signature pose with tongue sticking out for the cameras

At an NBC Upfronts dinner, a 29-year-old musician arrived wearing a beautiful black silky dress. The dress was adorned with intricate lace details and thin spaghetti straps, giving it a sophisticated touch. This occasion was a networking event.

Family affair: Miley was joined by her mother Tish Cyrus, 54, at the television network event held at the high-end Italian restaurant Marea

Miley Cyrus and her mother, Tish Cyrus, attended a fancy television network event held at the elegant Italian restaurant, Marea. Tish looked stunning in a gorgeous silver strapless jumpsuit with flared bottoms and flowing blonde hair as she accompanied her daughter. The two worked together as executive producers for the Miley Cyrus Presents Stand By You concert, which debuted on the NBC Peacock streaming service in June 2021.

Silver jumpsuit: Tish stepped out in a silver strapless jumpsuit with bell bottoms for the event

On December 31, 2021, Tish attended an event wearing a stunning silver jumpsuit with bell bottoms. She co-hosted Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party on NBC alongside Pete Davidson. Miley has been romantically linked to Maxx Morando since last November when they walked the red carpet together at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show in Los Angeles. Despite being seen holding hands, their relationship was not officially confirmed until photos of them kissing on Miley’s balcony in Miami Beach were obtained by DailyMail.com on New Year’s Eve.

TV star: Miley and Tish were executive producers of Miley Cyrus Presents Stand By You concert event that aired in June 2021 on NBC's Peacock streaming service

NBC host: The Tennessee native on December 31, 2021, also co-hosted Miley's New Year's Eve Party on NBC with Pete Davidson, 28

In June 2021, a concert event called Miley Cyrus Presents Stand By You was aired on NBC’s Peacock streaming platform. This event was organized by Miley Cyrus and her mother Tish.

Fan favorite: The pop star stopped to interact with her fans in New York City

The adored public figure paused to interact with her fans while taking a stroll in the busy streets of New York City. At the NBC Upfronts dinner affair, celebrity duo Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams were spotted in attendance. The 31-year-old actress was breathtaking in her red pantsuit, which complemented her lipstick and hoop earrings. On the other hand, the 37-year-old Wells was handsome in his navy blue suit and fresh white t-shirt.

Cute couple: Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams also were spotted attending the NBC Upfronts dinner

Sarah Hyland, an actress, and her partner, Wells Adams, a reality television star, were spotted together at the NBC Upfronts dinner.

Red outfit: The 31-year-old actress wore a red pantsuit along with matching red lipstick and hoop earrings

TV star: The Modern Family star also sported glasses

The famous actress, who just turned 31, looked stunning in her eye-catching red outfit consisting of a well-fitted pantsuit. To complete the overall look, she wore large hoop earrings and bold red lipstick to match.

Holding hands: Wells and Sarah held hands as they entered the restaurant

As they strolled into the restaurant, Wells and Sarah entwined their fingers together.

NBC star: Mariska Hargitay beamed as she arrived the event

With a radiant smile on her face, Mariska Hargitay stepped in with style at the event organized by NBC.

Fan favorite: Fans tried to get Mariska's attention as she made her way in

Mariska was the center of attention as she weaved her way through the enthusiastic crowd of fans.

Network fixture: Christopher Meloni also was spotted attending the NBC Upfronts dinner

As per reports, Christopher Meloni, the famous actor, was spotted at the NBC Upfronts dinner.

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