“Love is in the Air: Taylor Swift’s Heart-to-Heart with Travis Kelce’s Dad and Mom’s Sweet Tribute Bracelet”

While attending Travis Kelce’s game on Thursday, Taylor Swift impressed his parents, Donna and Ed, with her charm. The 33-year-old singer watched the Kansas City Chiefs play against the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium, accompanied by Donna, who is 70 years old. This was her third time attending a Kansas City Chiefs game this season, and it was the first time she had a conversation with Travis’ father. Both she and Kelce’s father wore red to show their support for the team. During the event, Taylor and Kelce’s dad appeared to have a deep conversation while wearing similar beaded bracelets, which are also part of Swift’s Eras tour.

Papa Kelce: Taylor Swift worked her charm on beau Travis Kelce's parents, Donna and Ed, while attending his game on Thursday

Dad Kelce: While watching Travis play on Thursday, Taylor Swift won over his parents, Donna and Ed, with her irresistible charm.

Close with the folks: The You Belong With Me hitmaker, 33, watched the Kansas City Chiefs as they took on the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium alongside Donna

Swift bonds with fans: Taylor Swift, the singer behind the catchy song You Belong With Me, spent quality time with her supporters in Kansas City. The 33-year-old star was spotted cheering for the Chiefs as they went up against the Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium, where she even hung out with Donna and other fans.

From Taylor? The 34-year-old athlete's mom rocked a number of colorful friendship bracelets on her wrist — the same type of beaded accessories that have been a staple at Swift's Eras tour

According to sources, Taylor Swift’s mother was wearing colorful friendship bracelets that resemble the ones sold during Swift’s Eras tour. It’s unclear if Swift gave them to her mother, but she did encourage fans to make their own friendship bracelets in her song “You’re on Your Own, Kid.” During a recent football game, Swift took a seat next to her mother, who appeared to have made a negative comment about the singer in a previous interview. Despite this, Swift and her mother seemed to be enjoying each other’s company, with Swift energetically cheering on the athletes while wearing a stylish red, white, and black Chiefs windbreaker jacket. She completed her look with a black mini dress, a black tank top, black boots, and gold accessories.

Deep in conversation: Taylor and Kelce's dad appeared deep in conversation at the event and both wore red in support of Travis and his team

Taylor and Kelce’s father were engrossed in a conversation during the event, donning red outfits to show their support for Travis and his team.

Today: One of Donna's bracelets appeared to spell out the word 'Today'

Donna’s wrist accessory seems to have the word ‘Today’ spelled out.

Swiftie move: It's unknown if the bracelets are from Swift, but the singer previously encouraged fans to 'make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it' in her 'You're on Your Own, Kid' song from Midnights, inspiring Swifties to do exactly that

Swifties have been making friendship bracelets, but it’s unclear if they’re from Taylor Swift herself. The singer once urged her fans to “make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it” in her track “You’re on Your Own, Kid” from the album Midnights. This has motivated Swifties to follow through with her suggestion.

No shade: At the game, the pop star took her seat in a box next to Donna, who appeared to shade Swift in a recent interview following her first visit to Arrowhead last month

No disrespect intended: During the match, the famous singer settled into her spot in a private area next to Donna, who seemed to have made some negative comments about Swift in a recent interview after attending a game at Arrowhead Stadium last month.

All good: Despite the recent shade, Donna seemed to enjoy Swift's company, laughing it up as the singer whispered something in her ear

Everything was fine: Even though there were some negative comments lately, Donna appeared to have a great time with Swift. She giggled as the musician whispered something into her ear.

Making her laugh: Whatever Taylor shared with Donna had her in stitches

Taylor had Donna laughing uncontrollably with whatever she had shared.

Chic: The star wore her blonde tresses in a chic ponytail

Stylish: The celebrity sported a trendy ponytail with her blonde hair.

His number one fan! Swift was Kelce's biggest cheerleader at the sporting event, wearing a stylish oversized red, white and black Chiefs windbreaker jacket

Kelce received massive support from his most ardent supporter, Taylor Swift, at the sports event. She donned a chic and roomy red, white, and black windbreaker jacket bearing the Chiefs’ logo, cheering him on with all her might.

Sporty: The singer showed off her toned legs in a black mini dress and finalized her look with a black tank top and black boots

Chic: The beauty accessorized with a gold chainlink necklace and matching simple earrings

Athletic: The vocalist flaunted her well-defined limbs in a little black dress and completed her outfit with a black sleeveless top and matching boots.

Supportive: Taylor and Donna cheered Travis on

Taylor and Donna provided their encouragement to Travis during a recent event. Meanwhile, Swift maintained her classic look with her red lips and bronzer. Earlier in the season, she was spotted supporting Kelce at a game against the Bears and then again at a victorious game against the Jets. Kelce recently shared that his relationship with Swift has brought him even more happiness than winning the Super Bowl earlier this year. He recognizes that there is a lot of attention surrounding Taylor, but he is focused on living, learning, and enjoying life’s moments.

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