Kylie Jenner’s Hilarious Reaction to Seeing Her Old Lady Filtered Face: ‘Not a Fan!’

On Monday, Kylie Jenner was taken aback when she experimented with an aging filter on herself. The 25-year-old reality TV personality shared a TikTok video where she appeared uncomfortable and disapproving of her appearance with wrinkles on her face. She compared herself side-by-side with and without the filter and slowly processed the sight. Despite smiling and holding back laughter, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the transformation, stating “I don’t like it” and repeated herself after a long pause. This comes after criticism towards her for flaunting her wealth by showcasing a $300k Birkin bag in a now-deleted post.

Kylie Jenner recently tried out an unexpected aging filter and was taken aback by the results. The 25-year-old reality TV star shared a TikTok clip where she appeared visibly uncomfortable with the prospect of wrinkles on her face.

The Kardashian star appeared in a video where she used a filter that aged her appearance. While smiling and seemingly holding back laughter, the socialite expressed her dissatisfaction with the result. She wore a black racerback top and layered gold necklaces, leaving her raven black hair down in subtle waves parted in the middle. Opting for a makeup-free look, she showcased her youthful beauty, but still seemed discontented with the circles under the fake smile lines and gray hair. There was no caption for the playful TikTok video. In another clip, she relaxed by her pool in a skimpy green bikini, tying the strings differently to create a strapless top and matching cheeky bottoms.

Unhappy: She shook her head disapprovingly with a smirk on her face, expressing her dissatisfaction. Despite the aging filter used in her recording, her radiance still shone through. However, she appeared displeased as she examined the circles under the artificial smile lines and gray hair.

Jenner shared a new video of herself basking in the sun and enjoying some downtime by her pool in the backyard. She appeared to be soaking up the warmth and getting tanned. The clip was filmed a day earlier than the previous one she posted.

Looking stunning in a green bikini, she flaunted her amazing figure with confidence. The strings of the bikini were tied in a unique way, transforming it into a strapless top paired with matching cheeky bottoms.

Dressed in gold: The lady had embellished her look with the same golden necklaces that she was wearing in her TikTok video where she was having fun with the aging filter. Additionally, while soaking up the sun, she added a bit of glam to her plain-colored swimsuit by sporting a golden waist chain and a cluster of bangle bracelets on one of her arms.

Radiant: Along with her swimsuit, she adorned herself with a gold waist chain and a stack of bangle bracelets on one arm while basking in the sun. She also wore gold huggie earrings and a statement ring. In contrast to her previous TikTok video, she opted for a matte pink lipstick and ample blush to achieve a flawless sun-kissed appearance. Additionally, she accessorized with the same gold necklaces seen in the clip where she experimented with the aging filter. This information was originally sourced from

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