“Kylie Jenner Opens Up: The Evolution of Lip Kits, Finding Strength in Stoicism, and Embracing Change in a Post-Pandemic World”

Kylie Jenner believes that to achieve social media stardom, one must be skilled in the art of filtering.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kylie Jenner for lunch at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood. When I arrived, the manager, Lance, mistook me for someone from Jenner’s team, but I quickly clarified that I was a magazine writer there to interview her. Wanting to avoid any unwanted attention, we chose a discreet table at the back of the brightly lit patio restaurant. As a reality TV star from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jenner has a massive social media following, boasting 63 million followers on Instagram and 16 million on Twitter. Her recent breakup with rapper Tyga has been a hot topic on gossip sites, but her Lip Kits continue to sell out within minutes despite a scandal involving the theft of her liquid lipstick. Even with empty boxes being delivered, the kits remain highly popular.

It was unexpected to see Jenner come up to my table alone, without any of her usual company of fans, paparazzi, or entourage. She greeted me with warmth and suggested that we grab a bite to eat. Unlike many interviews with celebrities, we were both curious to find out who the true Kylie Jenner really is. Recently, the hashtag #WhoIsKylieJenner had been trending on Twitter after she posted on Snapchat about the contrast between her brand persona and her true self. This sparked reactions from both her admirers and detractors. However, Jenner clarified that the social media image she projects is just a small part of her actual self. She believes that people only see what she allows them to, such as her family, extravagant cars, and homes. The TV personality explained that she’s still the same person, but she chooses not to show all aspects of herself.

Even with wealth and notoriety, individuals can still be affected by criticism and maintain their inherent sensitivity. Kylie Jenner has admitted to hiding her true personality from the public due to the fear of being judged. Instead, she has skillfully crafted a separate identity, known as Kylie The Brand, which she promotes to fans. When individuals attack her brand, she understands that it does not represent her true self. Therefore, she is cautious in revealing her genuine self to the world and prefers to keep #WhoIsKylieJenner as a trending topic. Despite this, during our discussion, she generously shared glimpses of her real life and provided insight into what it is like to be a teenage celebrity under constant media scrutiny. Most importantly, Kylie Jenner desires a normal life amidst the chaos of her fame.

Jenner is thankful for her life and happy with the opportunities she has. She is excited to pursue her passion for cosmetics through her platform. Even though she is young, she doesn’t feel like her dreams are too small. Jenner doesn’t plan on being famous forever and looks forward to settling down and starting a family someday. She gets emotional during sentimental moments, such as reconnecting with old friends or watching touching scenes on TV. While having children is in her plans, she hasn’t set a timeline for it yet.

Despite being born into wealth, Jenner has tirelessly worked to attain her mega-rich status. She credits her strong work ethic to her mother’s influence and is continually contemplating her next project or endorsement. Although some of her work involves attending glamorous events such as music awards or the Met Gala, she seldom has free time. Jenner endures constant photo shoots, parties, plane rides, and social media posts, which may seem exciting and fun to others but are just a regular day’s work for her. Despite the unrelenting pace, Jenner thrives on the constant grind and wouldn’t want to spend her days doing anything else.

Even to this day, there’s a certain charm and nostalgia about her. I asked her about her first kiss, and her eyes lit up as she began to recount the story. The lucky guy’s name was Matthew McGraw, and they were both in fourth grade. Jenner and her best friend Zoe were hanging out in the front yard when it happened, and Matt, one of the “popular” kids, was the object of Jenner’s affection. After Zoe encouraged her to go for it, they shared an innocent kiss right on the lips – it was cute, awkward, and probably just like any other first kiss. As she reminisces about that moment, Jenner seems to transport herself back to a time before the Kardashians’ fame changed everything about her life.

As time passed by, the relationship between her and Matthew never progressed beyond friendship. Whenever asked about him, she responds with a hint of longing in her voice, mentioning that he is now studying in college, pursuing what could have been her path. While she has amassed a massive following and sold out her line of Lip Kits through the power of social media, her ultimate goal is to achieve true happiness instead of mere fame, fortune or social media followers. She feels the need to work hard now as her time in the spotlight may be fleeting. Unlike others who are still striving to achieve success like she did long ago, she has grown up in the limelight and continues to enjoy it but her perception of what brings joy to people differs from the norm. She admits that she is an unusual case as she cannot recall what it’s like to not be famous. Therefore, she values authentic happiness over materialistic things that provide temporary pleasure, such as new cars. For her, happiness means “being with your friends” and she emphasizes the importance of family above everything else.

Jenner faces numerous challenges on a daily basis, but she finds comfort in the support of her family. Her siblings and brother-in-law, Kanye West, have also gone through their fair share of difficulties. When Jenner’s father, Caitlyn Jenner, came out about her gender identity in 2015, it was a significant moment for the family. However, it wasn’t a surprise to Kylie, who had seen her father dressed in women’s clothes when they were younger. Caitlyn waited until she thought her daughters were ready to understand before sharing her plans. Kylie supported her father and encouraged her to live her life as she wished. Jenner is proud of her father’s public transformation, which has had a positive impact on society. Despite the constant scrutiny that Jenner faces, her family is always there to shower her with love and acceptance. During our conversation, I realized my mistake in choosing a table next to the women’s restroom, as women passing by would do a double-take or stare. Jenner is aware that her life is like a reality show, with cameras constantly pointed at her, including on social media and by paparazzi. In summary, Jenner’s life is comparable to a strange sequel to the Truman Show, where she is fully aware of the cameras on her every second of every day.

As Jenner prepares to depart, I spot a minuscule spider on the table and decide to inquire about her opinion on them. Our discussion swiftly develops into a conflict between Kylie The Brand and Kylie The Authentic Individual. At first, Jenner responds with a conventional answer that is favourable to public relations, claiming that she captures spiders and sets them free outside. Nevertheless, when I persist for further clarification, Kylie The Authentic Individual emerges. She concedes that although she endeavours not to kill spiders, she has resorted to employing kitchen cleaners to exterminate a black widow in her garage. Her main worry was safeguarding her dogs from being poisoned by the spider’s venom.

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