Keeping Up with Taylor Swift’s Fringe Maintenance Routine

Taylor Swift is a music sensation no doubt, but her beauty game is just as noteworthy. She’s not only a pro at sporting a timeless red lip, but her signature thick bangs are always on point and almost as famous as her chart-topping tracks.

Everyone has their share of bad hair days and Taylor Swift is no exception. Recently, the singer shared a post on Instagram highlighting how her long bangs were becoming an annoyance by coming in front of her eyes. She took a break from her studio work to capture a selfie, showcasing her extra-lengthy hairdo. In the post, she joked about her bangs being long enough to use as a sleep mask during long flights and added that she needed a haircut. We can only hope that this break from recording her new album will give her the chance to refresh her look with a new hairstyle.

It seems like Taylor managed to get a haircut before enjoying some hot drinks with her close friend Ed Sheeran. Her latest picture shows that she has achieved a trim which is an excellent demonstration of how to maintain blunt bangs. Taylor opted for wispy and feathery ends instead of a straight-across cut, resulting in strands that are not too short and offer a see-through effect. If you follow this trimming technique every few weeks, you can also achieve a lovely hairstyle just like Taylor’s.

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