Jenny from the Block Shares Her Battle with Anxiety and How She Overcame It

Jennifer Lopez is widely known for her impressive talents, perfect looks, and unbeatable self-confidence. Fans from all around the world love and admire her as an unstoppable force. Nonetheless, even though she seems unshakeable, it has been reported that Lopez has suffered from panic attacks. In her own words, here’s what the superstar has revealed about her struggles with anxiety.

Back in 2016, W Magazine interviewed Jennifer Lopez about her career and how she handles her busy schedule. Despite having a lot on her plate, JLo expressed her love for her work and never complains about the amount of work that comes her way. During that time, she was juggling multiple roles including co-hosting American Idol, performing at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, and starring in the police drama Shades of Blue. According to the article, Jennifer Lopez is the kind of person who never gets tired when it comes to work.

In an interview with W magazine, Jennifer Lopez revealed that she suffered from panic attacks after starring in the 1997 movie Selena. She was unprepared for the level of attention she received from the public and found it difficult to go out alone. Prior to her fame, she never considered what it would be like to be famous. Even now, she still avoids being alone in public. She also shared in her book True Love that she experienced a panic attack when she realized she needed to end her marriage with Marc Anthony. Her body sent her a clear message that she could no longer ignore the truth.

Lopez admits that she neglected her own feelings about her marriage to Anthony, which resulted in anxiety. However, a significant moment occurred during a L’Oreal photoshoot in 2011 that made her realize she needed to confront her emotions. During the shoot, she experienced intense palpitations, difficulty breathing, and overwhelming fear and anxiety. She panicked and sought help from her manager and mother, explaining how she felt like she was losing her sanity. Lopez stresses the significance of acknowledging your emotions instead of suppressing them, as they can reach a boiling point when ignored.

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