Jennifer Lopez Taps into Her Inner Madness

The products featured on Vogue are hand-picked by our editors, but if you make a purchase through our retail links, we may receive a commission. Rest in peace, Betty Draper – Jennifer Lopez’s latest look would have been right up your alley. While out in Ristorante Lo Scoglio in Massa Lubrense, Italy, the singer appeared as if she walked straight off the set of Mad Men and onto the Amalfi Coast. J.Lo tested out several different styles on her luxurious European holiday, but for this Italian leg of her trip, she opted for a sweet cinched sundress and t-strap flats that could have easily belonged on Madison Avenue in 1962. Lopez wore a tea-length spaghetti-strap dress for her boat trip to the seaside restaurant. The pattern of pansies, violets, and ranunculuses created a dense bouquet of purples, pinks, yellows, and whites across her bust and waist, and slowly dissipated closer to the dress’s clean white hemline. J.Lo coordinated her pale pink t-strap flats with the frames of her signature oversized sunnies, both of which tied into the pink flowers on her dress.

Jennifer Lopez wears a floral print midi dress pink flats and oversized sunglasses.

XP͏O͏S͏E J.Lo fully embraced the dolce vita lifestyle, accessorizing with chunky gold chain bracelets on each wrist and carrying a raffia purse with brown leather detailing, her recent favorite. Her feminine dinner outfit is timeless and would look just as good on a much-deserved holiday from Sterling-Cooper. She left dinner in style, waving from the boat surrounded by baskets of fruit. It’s been a whirlwind month for J.Lo, who just weeks ago took to Instagram to tease her forthcoming album “This Is Me…Now.” Perhaps her recent gallivanting, shopping sprees, and fabulous meals are in celebration of a job well done. Hopefully, we’ll see her on a different kind of European tour soon.

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