“Jennifer Lopez Slays in Smokin’ Grey Trousers Paired with Bold High-Cut Thong”

Last Thursday, Jennifer Lopez made quite an entrance on the set of her latest music video alongside DJ Khaled. The superstar flaunted an unusual ensemble, sporting low-rise wide-leg tweed dress pants coupled with a high-cut thong fashioned from the same material. Her fashion-forward decision certainly turned heads and drew lots of attention.

Jennifer Lopez Turns Heads in Grey Pants with Matching Thong

The famous singer, aged 49, was seen on the set of her new music video with DJ Khaled wearing an unusual outfit consisting of low-rise, wide-leg tweed pants and a matching high-cut thong made from the same material. The most distinctive aspect of her appearance was that her pants and underwear appeared to be attached, as if fused together at the waistband.

jennifer lopez flaunts her toned midriff in a crop top and low hung pants  while on the set of a video shoot with dj khaled in miami, florida-151118_12

A famous person from the Bronx made an appearance in a unique outfit. She chose to wear a crop top in white that had short sleeves and a front that was gathered. On top of that, she added multiple layers of gold and silver necklaces and bracelets. Her hair was kept long and straight, and she completed the look with hoop earrings. This look went well with her latest single called “Limitless,” which is part of the soundtrack of her upcoming movie titled Second Act, featuring big names like Leah Remini, Milo Ventimiglia, and Vanessa Hudgens. The film will premiere in theaters on December 14th.

jennifer lopez flaunts her toned midriff in a crop top and low hung pants  while on the set of a video shoot with dj khaled in miami, florida-151118_10

As you may remember, Jennifer Lopez rocked the American Music Awards stage in October with her chart-topping song “Limitless.” Recently, the singer opened up to InStyle magazine’s December edition about her newly improved physique, attributing it to the self-care measures she has been taking.

Jennifer Lopez channels Kath and Kim with bizarre G-string outfit |  news.com.au — Australia's leading news site

JLo revealed that the key to keeping her enviable figure is by steering clear of caffeine and alcohol, alongside ensuring she gets sufficient rest. She was proud of her curves, which were celebrated in her family’s culture, and their admiration of it made her appreciate her curvier physique even more. In fact, her family considered her ample butt a desirable trait, and this positive reinforcement helped her embrace her body even more.

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