J.Lo’s Jewelry Swap: From BEN to JENNIFER Necklace, Spotted in Olive Green Outfit at Soho House Malibu

Jennifer Lopez was spotted outside the Soho House in Malibu wearing a gold necklace that spelled out her own name. The 54-year-old singer had previously been seen wearing a Ben necklace in March, which was meant for her current partner, Ben Affleck. This time, she opted for a Jennifer necklace to accessorize her oversized olive green top and matching balloon pants, paired with high heels and gold-tinted sunglasses. Lopez completed her look with half-up hair and appeared to be fresh out of the shower, wearing nothing but a white towel around her chest.

New bling: Jennifer Lopez has replaced her Ben necklace with a Jennifer necklace. The 54-year-old Let's Get Loud singer modeled a gold necklace that spelled Jennifer as she was seen outside the exclusive club Soho House in Malibu

Jennifer Lopez has added a new piece of jewelry to her collection. She was spotted wearing a gold necklace that spelled out her own name, Jennifer, outside Soho House in Malibu. This comes after previously being seen wearing a necklace with the name of her ex-partner, Ben. It seems like J-Lo is all about self-love and we’re here for it!

She loves Ben: In March she wore a Ben necklace. That was meant for husband, Ben Affleck . There was also a heart pendant attached

She has a deep affection for Ben: Back in March, she wore a necklace with the name “Ben” on it. This piece of jewelry was intended for her husband, Ben Affleck. Additionally, the necklace had a heart pendant attached to it.

It seems that Jennifer is simply having fun changing up her jewelry, and there are no signs of trouble in her marriage to Ben. The couple has been displaying their happiness as newlyweds by holding hands and kissing while out on the town. Jennifer is enjoying settling into her new $60 million mansion in Los Angeles with her Oscar-winning husband, while Ben manages his own family with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, including three children. Recently, Jennifer shared a new song called “Dear Ben Pt. II” on Instagram to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, expressing her love and gratitude for their relationship.

The love of her life: The Let's Get Loud singer and husband Ben Affleck at the Grammys in February 2023

The famous Let’s Get Loud singer, Jennifer, shares an inseparable bond with her husband, Ben Affleck. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in Las Vegas in July 2022 and later celebrated their anniversary with a grand wedding in Georgia on August 20. It is rumored that Jennifer has poured her heart out in nine songs dedicated to Ben in her upcoming album This Is Me… Now. Interestingly, one of the tracks titled ‘Dear Ben’ was previously featured on her album This Is Me… back in 2002, during their first relationship, which had come to an end in 2004. However, fate brought them together again after 17 long years, and they have been inseparable since then.

Green is good: The Shotgun Wedding star had on an olive green sweatshirt, matching balloon pants and Perspex heels

The lead actress of Shotgun Wedding was sporting a comfortable yet stylish look in her olive green sweatshirt, paired with a matching set of balloon pants and Perspex heels. It’s great to see celebrities embracing the color green!

Jenny glow: She also held onto a beige clutch as she flashes many rings, including her green diamond engagement ring from Ben

Jenny Glow was spotted carrying a beige clutch while flaunting multiple rings, including her green diamond engagement ring from Ben. Jennifer’s affection for her then-fiance was made evident in her debut song, where she referred to him as the embodiment of her desires. The lyrics conveyed her irresistible attraction towards him and her inability to be with anyone else. Jennifer professed her love for him, calling him her everything – her lover, partner, child, friend, and king. The track was a heartfelt declaration of eternal love.

Spring feel: Last week the Super Bowl performer wore this low-cut pink and white dress outside her new $60million mansion

As we welcome the spring season, we couldn’t help but notice the stunning outfit worn by the Super Bowl performer last week. She rocked a fashionable low-cut pink and white dress while stepping outside her brand new mansion worth a whopping $60 million. What a perfect way to embrace the warmer weather and make a statement at the same time!

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