“J.Lo’s Golden Boot Fashion Statement: Captivating Photos on ‘Fashion Friday’ Following a Date with Ben Affleck at Nobu”

Jennifer Lopez has been setting Instagram on fire lately, thanks to her revived love affair with Ben Affleck. To celebrate ‘Fashion Friday,’ the 51-year-old diva shared some breathtaking pictures of herself in chic gold boots and a flawlessly crafted ensemble from her luxurious home in Bel Air, California. These posts come after recent sightings of JLo and Ben cozying up at Nobu and speculations that she had always believed Ben was the one who got away before reigniting their romance.

Feeling herself: Jennifer Lopez, 51, took to Instagram to celebrate 'fashion Friday' with a backyard photo shoot where she donned sky high gold boots

Jennifer Lopez, the famous 51-year-old celebrity, has recently taken to Instagram to share pictures of herself in a backyard photoshoot celebrating ‘fashion Friday’. In the pictures, she can be seen wearing a stunning tailored white blouse and a tangerine skirt with a small slit at the front, paired with shiny platform gold boots that go over the knee. Jennifer has accessorized her outfit with oversized gold hoop earrings from St. John and several statement rings with a diamond pendant. She has also given us a glimpse of her expertly done hair and fresh blowout in a mirror shot. It appears that Jennifer is working on a new project for MTV, as she continues to tag them in her posts. Her overall look is breathtaking, and it’s no wonder why she is considered a fashion icon.

Takes balance! The megastar dressed up a rather tailored look with edgy platform gold boots that went over her knees and she paired the metallic footwear with gold earrings from St. John

Achieving balance is key! The well-known star infused a hint of edginess into her classy ensemble by pairing it with knee-high platform boots in a stunning gold shade. To finish off the outfit, she adorned herself with striking gold earrings that came from the St. John label.

New project? JLo continued to tag MTV in the posts and seemed to shoot something for the network

Over the past few days, JLo has been giving us a glimpse into her latest undertaking through her social media posts where she mentioned MTV. Many are speculating that this could mean she’s working on something for the network. Meanwhile, after her split with Alex Rodriguez, JLo has been spending time with Affleck, and this has led to a resurgence in their romantic relationship.

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Can you figure out which former child star has become a bit of a recluse? Page Six has reported that a source recently revealed that this star once thought Ben Affleck was “the one that got away” after they broke up in 2004. The insider shared that Jennifer was heartbroken when they split but felt like it was their only option at the time. More recently, news has surfaced that the Good Will Hunting actor reached out to her while she was filming in the Dominican Republic for Shotgun Wedding. Allegedly, he complimented her appearance and called her “beautiful.”

Romantic weekend: The Good Will Hunting actor and the singer were spotted shacking up together in Miami; pictured May 25

On May 25th, photos were taken of the famous actor from “Good Will Hunting” and the singer enjoying a romantic weekend together in Miami.

At ease: At their love nest she was seen doing yoga while Affleck smoked a cigarette; pictured May 25

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were recently spotted together in Big Sky, Montana, where they seemed at ease and comfortable in each other’s presence. They had been communicating privately before this meetup and had been discreetly spending time together with SUVs taking them to the same locations and Affleck visiting Lopez’s Bel Air home. Despite the distance, they kept their connection alive, with Affleck even flying to Miami to stay with her in a villa. The couple has also been seen spending time together in Los Angeles. Lopez was reportedly checking out private schools on the west side for her children, which may indicate a possible relocation to be closer to Affleck, who wants to stay near his own kids with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

Memento: On Friday the actor was seen once again donning the watch JLo had gifted him back in 2002

On Friday, the actor was seen rocking a watch that was given to him by JLo back in 2002. It’s not the first time he’s been caught with it on his wrist, though.

LA life! JLo was seen touring ritzy private schools on LA's westside for her kids Emme and Max as she continues to pursue her romance with Affleck who has three kids he wants to stay close to; pictured June 4

JLo has been busy scouting out prestigious private schools on the westside of LA for her children, Emme and Max. Despite her busy schedule, she’s been making time for her rekindled romance with Affleck. The couple has been seen sharing sentimental items, such as JLo wearing Affleck’s flannel shirt during her arrival to LA on a private jet, and Affleck wearing a watch gifted to him by JLo in 2002. Affleck was spotted laughing and chatting with JLo’s mother, Guadalupe, during their recent stay in Las Vegas, causing her to express her joy about their reunion. The couple was even seen sharing a kiss at Nobu. Meanwhile, JLo’s ex, A-Rod, has reportedly accepted their split and moved on.

It's over! 'When they first split, he wanted to work things out, and still held on to hope that he and J.Lo would get back together...He's come to terms with the fact that it's over now,' a source told ET about A-Rod; pictured February 2020

Great news! As per a source, A-Rod had initially wished to patch things up with J.Lo after their breakup but has now come to terms with the fact that their relationship has ended for good. The source revealed that A-Rod has moved on and is no longer holding onto any expectations of getting back together with J.Lo.

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