“J.Lo’s Close Call: High Slit Dress Almost Reveals Too Much During NYC Meeting Exit”

Jennifer Lopez had a close call with a possible wardrobe malfunction while out and about in New York City. The talented actress, who is 54 years old, was spotted wearing a gorgeous peach-colored summer dress that showcased her toned legs due to its high slit. She paired the dress with backless Perspex high heels and went bare-legged while carrying an Hermes Birkin bag. JLO’s highlighted hair flowed down as she sported orange-tinted gold-framed aviator sunglasses. While leaving an office building with her manager Benny Medina, her dress almost exposed her underwear when she took a step forward. Nevertheless, she managed to avoid any fashion mishaps and continued to look stunning.

Flashing her fans: Jennifer Lopez nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction when in New York City on Tuesday afternoon. The 54-year-old The Mother actress was flashing plenty of flesh in a peach colored sleeveless summer dress as she walked out of an office building

Jennifer Lopez nearly experienced a wardrobe malfunction while in New York City on Tuesday afternoon, as she strutted out of an office building in a peach-colored sleeveless summer dress. She was accompanied by a woman walking beside her and later headed to a waiting black SUV while flashing passersby a warm smile. The 54-year-old actress could have attended meetings regarding her alcoholic beverage Delola, brand partnerships with Coach and Intimissi, or her skincare line, JLo Beauty. Her husband of one year, Ben Affleck, was not seen during the meeting day. Recently, Jennifer was spotted lounging on a plush chair in a stringy white bikini on the island of Capri, promoting her beverage line Delola, accessorizing with gold jewelry, including small hoop earrings and a long necklace that beautifully fell down her toned torso.

Daring dress: The high slit on her dress almost flashed her undies when she took a step forward. Her thighs were on display as she went bare legged with backless Perspex high heels

Bold outfit: The dress she wore was quite daring, with a high slit that almost revealed her undergarments when she walked. She chose to go without stockings and paired the dress with backless Perspex high heels, showcasing her thighs in all their glory.

Happy Mrs Affleck: The Waiting For Tonight crooner wore her highlighted hair down as she added orange tinted gold framed aviator sunglasses while carrying an Hermes Birkin bag

Mrs Affleck appeared in high spirits as she sported her highlighted locks down and accessorized with orange-tinted gold-framed aviator shades. Carrying an iconic Hermes Birkin bag, the singer also wore a stylish wide-brimmed brown hat adorned with a gold-toned scarf. Though she had initially donned a patterned headscarf, she later opted for a fedora to complete her chic look.

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