How Taylor Swift Keeps Her Bangs in Perfect Shape: A Peek into Her Maintenance Routine

Taylor Swift is not only a renowned music superstar, but her beauty skills are also highly recognized. She is known for her iconic thick bangs, which are almost as famous as her hit songs. Additionally, Taylor effortlessly rocks a classic red lip, proving her talent in the beauty world.

Taylor Swift recently shared a selfie on her Instagram account mentioning how frustrating it could be when your hair is long enough to cover your eyes. She took a quick break from her studio work (probably recording her new album) just to share this cute selfie with her extra-lengthy locks. In the picture, Taylor can be seen trying to manage her hair and commented on how her bangs are long enough to use as a sleep mask on long flights. She jokingly mentioned that she needs a haircut.

It seems that Taylor has recently had a haircut, as evidenced by her latest photo. This comes just in time for her to enjoy some hot beverages with her best friend Ed Sheeran. Whether she went to a salon or did the cut herself, her new haircut is a perfect example of how to maintain blunt bangs. Rather than cutting straight across, she opted for wispy, feathered ends. The outcome is strands that are not too short and can still be seen through. To keep up a similar look, it’s advised to trim the hair every three weeks or so.

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