How does Taylor Swift practice to be energetic, persistent, and fit?

With the ability to attract millions of audiences through each show, female singer Taylor Swift is known as a “money-making machine”, helping to affirm the entertainment industry’s position in the economy and tourism in developing countries. she came to perform.

Bí quyết nào đã giúp Swift có được sức bền và năng lượng tràn trề cho các show ca nhạc khổng lồ? - Ảnh: People

What is the secret that helps Swift have endurance and overflowing energy for huge music shows? – Photo: People

Most recently, in Singapore, despite some health problems, “country music princess” Taylor Swift still did not disappoint the audience by performing for 3 hours continuously for several days. What is the secret that helps Swift have endurance and overflowing energy for huge music shows?

In her most recent interview as Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2023, Swift shared about how she prepares her stamina to meet the demands of tours.

Taylor Swift runs and lifts weights to build endurance

Six months before her first performance, Swift started jogging. “Every day I run on the treadmill, singing the entire playlist out loud. I run fast for fast songs, and run slowly or walk briskly for slow songs.” , she shared.

Taylor Swift also adjusted her diet, in addition to exercising like strength training and lifting weights. To ensure she can perform dance moves smoothly throughout the show, the female singer even spent three months learning to dance, with the hope that the moves would “seep into her bones”, giving the audience a unique experience. the best.

Health recovery: Absolute rest

Between tour stops, Taylor Swift spends 24 hours resting and recharging. She explained to Time: “I didn’t leave my bed except to take food back to bed and eat it in bed. I could barely speak because I sang for three shows in a row. Every time I took a step, my feet I crunched again because I had to dance in high heels.”

Swift knows the importance of spending time doing nothing. “I know I will go on stage whether I’m sick, injured, heartbroken, upset or stressed. We all deserve a break, whether it’s after a workout or a busy day job.” “.

Take a breather. You can also allow yourself a day of lounging in bed like Taylor Swift, taking a walk around the block, or giving yourself a relaxing body massage.

Giữa các chặng lưu diễn, Taylor Swift dành 24 giờ để nghỉ ngơi và nạp lại năng lượng - Ảnh: People

Between tour stages, Taylor Swift spends 24 hours resting and recharging – Photo: People

Healthy diet, no alcohol

Unlike stars who follow harsh diets and sudden weight gain and loss that can harm their health in the long run, Taylor Swift applies a balanced approach to her diet. She chooses a healthy menu during the week, and allows herself the freedom to eat and drink on the weekends.

To prepare her health and voice for “The Eras Tour”, Taylor Swift said no to alcohol. She stopped drinking a few months before the show.

In general, the female singer does not force herself to the point of giving up her favorite foods, such as cakes. “I try to keep my diet light, but nothing too crazy,” Taylor Swift said. “I don’t want to create too many rules that I don’t need.”

Always carry water with you


Taylor Swift knows water is good for the body. The American singer revealed in an interview with Bon Appétit in 2012: “I keep a lot of water in the dressing room. I drink about 10 bottles of water a day. I drink so much water that my friends call me a human being.” alien”.

She never leaves home without a water bottle, and even keeps water in her car as a backup.

While you don’t need to gulp down 10 bottles of water a day like Taylor Swift, you should still drink about 11.5 cups, or 2.7 liters, of water a day. When there is enough water in the body, our cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems work more effectively. Start with a glass of water in the morning, and your skin will quickly look better.

Spiritual care: Write in a journal and be honest with your feelings

“Health is an important part of happiness,” Taylor Swift once shared. According to her, that means being in good shape both physically and mentally.

As someone who likes to write diaries, since she was a child, whenever she felt sad, Swift thought: “It’s okay, I can write about this after school.”

“As a child, I learned to process my emotions by writing,” she said. Taylor Swift says that putting pen to paper has many benefits such as reducing stress, creating space to release negative thoughts and deeper self-discovery.

Swift also uses her songwriting and musical abilities to feel all her emotions. With any emotion such as hurt, rejection, sadness or loneliness, joy or happiness, the female singer asks herself, “Can I write a song about this?”.

Be like Taylor Swift, see your diary entries as a therapy session for yourself, an effective way to process your emotions.

Taylor Swift sử dụng khả năng sáng tác và âm nhạc để cảm nhận tất cả những cảm xúc của bản thân - Ảnh: People

Taylor Swift uses songwriting and music to feel all her emotions – Photo: People

Take care of yourself: See everywhere as home

During tours, sitting for hours in the car, working hard on stage and not being able to sleep in the familiar comfortable bed at home can make Taylor Swift feel exhausted.

The key for her to maintain balance and overcome the feeling of discomfort is to always carry some necessary items and build comfortable habits, including psychology. Taylor Swift’s first job when entering her hotel room is to unpack her luggage.

“I do it everywhere I go. I really like the feeling of putting clothes in drawers and shoes in closets,” Swift said. This makes her feel as if she is in a familiar place, making her more comfortable.

The female singer also always carries candles, and even brings her pet cat along on tours. All of these little things help Taylor Swift foster positive emotions and maintain energy for performances.

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