“Hollywood celebrities unite in condemning Hamas following attacks on Israel, including Gal Gadot.”

On Thursday, a group of Hollywood celebrities signed an open letter condemning the “barbaric acts” of Hamas who had killed and abducted Israeli civilians in a weekend assault. The list included Gal Gadot, who is from Israel, as well as other film and TV stars such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Pine, Mayim Bialik, Liev Schreiber, Michael Douglas, and Jerry Seinfeld. The letter, released by Creative Community For Peace, called out the terrorist organization for its actions and demanded that the innocent hostages be returned to their families. The letter also urged those in the entertainment industry to speak out against Hamas and do everything possible to put pressure on the group to return the hostages.

Open letter: Gal Gadot, shown in June in Brazil, joined Hollywood celebrities in signing an open letter on Thursday condemning the 'barbaric acts' of Hamas fighters who murdered and abducted Israeli civilians in a shocking weekend assault

An open letter signed by over 700 celebrities, including Gal Gadot, has condemned the “barbaric acts” of Hamas fighters who killed and abducted Israeli civilians in an attack over the weekend. As Israel takes necessary measures to protect its citizens, the letter urges people not to amplify or fall for propaganda on social media, particularly from Iran. The signatories expressed their sympathy for those affected by the violence and called for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. This statement is the first widespread response from the entertainment industry following numerous social media posts from individuals.

Signed it: Chris Pine, shown in March in Texas, also signed the open letter

Chris Pine, who was photographed in Texas earlier this year, has also added his signature to the open letter.

Letter supporter: Jamie Lee Curtis, shown in April in Los Angeles, also was among the signees

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis was one of the individuals who signed the letter as a supporter, as seen in April in Los Angeles.

Actress Gal Gadot, known for her role as Wonder Woman, has called on her social media followers to donate funds to help those affected by the recent attacks in Israel. She has also criticized those who justify the atrocities instead of showing empathy. Gadot, who was Miss Israel 2004, hopes that the world will continue to support the Israeli people during this difficult time. She expressed her sadness and sympathy for the lives lost and families affected by Hamas’ terrorism and brutality. Gadot was among the first Hollywood personalities to lend their support to Israel, calling on others to do the same. Other notable individuals who signed an open letter supporting Israel include comedian Amy Schumer, writer/producer Ryan Murphy, and director Antoine Fuqua.

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