Hey, ‘Saylor’! Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner get a cute nickname as the singer lends a helping hand through her friend’s split with Joe Jonas.

Joe Jonas probably didn’t want his ex-wife, Sophie Turner, to hang out with Taylor Swift. However, the two women have become such close friends that they’ve been given the nickname “Saylor”. Last week, they were spotted leaving a fancy restaurant in New York together for the second time in a week. Sources say that Taylor has been supporting Sophie during her difficult divorce from Joe, who famously broke up with Taylor over the phone in 2008. The two actresses became friends in 2019 when they appeared on The Graham Norton Show together. While Joe’s friends have been saying that Sophie’s partying caused their marriage to fall apart, it seems that Taylor is firmly on Sophie’s side.

Sophie Turner was seen arriving at the luxury Hotel Barriere Fouquet's for a dinner engagement with a friend where she later met up with Taylor Swift

Sophie Turner made an appearance at the elegant Hotel Barriere Fouquet’s for a delightful dinner get-together with her companion. Later on, she rendezvoused with Taylor Swift.

Both women have been firm friends since 2019, when they bonded while sharing a sofa on The Graham Norton show.

Both women have been close friends since 2019, when they first met on The Graham Norton show. Recently, sources revealed that Mr. Jonas is angry with Ms. Turner for seeking legal help to bring their two daughters aged three and one back to the UK. In the meantime, Ms. Swift has been supporting Ms. Turner and has become a reliable shoulder for her to cry on. Although they haven’t been seen together in public much, their friendship has been going strong. However, Ms. Swift is aware that being seen together will attract media attention, and their nickname “Saylor” has become quite popular. It’s worth noting that Ms. Swift’s decision to support Ms. Turner publicly might create an awkward situation for Mr. Jonas, who briefly dated her in 2008 before breaking up with her over the phone. Despite this, Ms. Swift has written several songs about him, including “Forever and Always,” “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” “Better Than Revenge,” and “Last Kiss.” They have since reconciled.

So far it is Mr Jonas, 34, who has been winning the PR war, with friends of his saying that the marriage fell apart because of 27-year-old Ms Turner's desire to party too much

According to sources, Mr Jonas has been winning the public relations battle regarding his divorce from 27-year-old Ms Turner. Friends of his have stated that the reason for the separation was Ms Turner’s tendency to party too much. The ex-couple’s relationship had gone unnoticed until Ms Swift and Ms Turner recently went out for a girls’ night at Via Carota restaurant in New York and later enjoyed martinis and caviar at the renowned Temple Bar. Mr Jonas filed for divorce in Miami two weeks prior, after numerous attempts to mend their relationship. Court documents state that their relationship is irreparable, with reports suggesting that they have been living apart for several months. Despite the unexpected nature of their union, with Ms Turner hailing from Northampton and having no prior connections to show business, her life changed dramatically when she landed the part of Sansa Stark at the age of 14. With the support of one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Ms Turner is looking to conquer any obstacles in her path, with Mr Jonas being one of them.

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