Gal Gadot’s Humorous Reason for Competing in Miss Israel: “Just to Have a Fun Story to Tell My Grandkids!”

During an episode of ‘Hot Ones’, the ex-beauty queen confessed that the only aspect of her Miss Israel experience that she found pleasurable was the introductory performance featuring dance.

Gal Gadot Says She Only Entered Miss Israel So She 'Could Tell My Grandkids': 'I Never Meant to Win!

In the latest episode of the YouTube series “Hot Ones,” Gal Gadot made an appearance and discussed various topics, including performing her own stunts and winning beauty pageants. As she ate increasingly spicy chicken wings, the actress talked about her role as Wonder Woman in the titular franchise, her success in the Fast Furious franchise, and her upcoming Netflix spy thriller called Heart of Stone. To prepare for the spicy flavors, Gadot got some tips from her fellow Heart of Stone cast member, Alia Bhatt, who travels around the world with a bottle of spicy sauce. The actress also revealed that she never meant to win the 2004 Miss Israel pageant, but it happened unexpectedly when she was only 18 years old. Gadot enjoyed the opening sequence with the dance, but she didn’t take the competition seriously at the time.

Gal Gadot Says She Only Entered Miss Israel So She 'Could Tell My Grandkids': 'I Never Meant to Win!

Gal Gadot, known for her role in Wonder Woman, will star as intelligence agent Rachel Stone in the upcoming Netflix crime thriller Heart of Stone alongside Jamie Dornan. Gadot admitted that she never thought of becoming an actress until the opportunity presented itself after competing in Miss Israel. Despite facing rejection in Hollywood, she fell in love with acting and pursued it. Her experience as a combat fitness instructor during her military service also helped her perform her own stunts in action-packed roles. Gadot shares three daughters with her husband Jaron Varsano, a real estate developer. The film was completed before the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes that have halted production in Hollywood. Gadot shared that she trained extensively for the role to make the action scenes raw and dynamic, allowing viewers to feel the pain with her character.

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