Gal Gadot Shares Exciting News of Second Pregnancy

Exciting news for Wonder Woman fans! Gal Gadot, the actress who plays the iconic superhero, announced via Instagram that she and her husband Yaron Versano are expecting their second child together. In a sweet mirror selfie, Gal and Yaron joined hands to create a heart over her growing belly. The actress, who is 31 years old, shared her excitement in the caption, writing, “So excited to share this wonder with you… #mommyforthesecondtime.” We can’t wait to see the newest addition to this beautiful family!

Gadot and Versano became proud parents to their first child, a daughter named Alma, in the year 2011.

During a conversation with Ellen DeGeneres in March, Gadot shared how her daughter reacted to her portrayal of Wonder Woman in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and expressed her excitement for her upcoming solo film.

On several occasions, my daughter came to the filming location to see me. During one of those visits, I was dressed in the Wonder Woman costume. She curiously asked me if wearing a tiara meant that I was a queen and she was a princess. I explained to her that it was just a part of dressing up for my role.

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Gadot expressed her excitement to be a role model for her daughter with the upcoming release of the Wonder Woman movie. She mentioned how boys have had heroes like Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man, while girls have been limited to princesses. However, with Wonder Woman as a leading female hero, girls now have a powerful role model to look up to. This information was sourced from

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