Gal Gadot Returns with a New Action-Packed Film as ‘Wonder Woman’

Gal Gadot returns to her action role, which is the main element that attracts public attention to this work.

Gal Gadot xinh đẹp và lạnh lùng trong Heart of Stone - Ảnh: Netflix

In “Heart of Stone,” Gal Gadot plays the role of Rachel Stone, a special agent in MI6 under the leadership of the main agent Parker (Jamie Dornan). However, in reality, Rachel Stone works for The Charter – a secret peacekeeping organization that uses advanced technology to neutralize global threats. As the lead actress in this action project, the “Wonder Woman” star does not disappoint the audience with her acting skills. In “Heart of Stone,” Gal Gadot portrays a determined agent who abides by her own rules. She constantly engages in life-threatening missions, ready to sacrifice herself to save her teammates and always stands on the side of justice, wanting to be surrounded by people who have ideals to fight for a better world. We can see the image of Wonder Woman, the character that made Gal Gadot famous, in Rachel Stone, although in this new work, she no longer possesses supernatural abilities and cannot win battles alone.

Gal Gadot mang đến diễn xuất chân thực, với những cảnh hành động mạnh mẽ - Ảnh: IGN

Gal Gadot delivers a truly authentic performance with powerful action scenes as seen in IGN’s photos. Through her portrayal, Rachel Stone evolves into a stronger character. Initially overshadowed by her MI6 colleagues, she is a new recruit with limited capabilities.

However, as the movie progresses, Rachel displays exceptional skills ranging from combat, driving, weapon usage, to leadership and organization. The film features some meticulously crafted action scenes that are sure to captivate the audience. On the big screen, we witness intense moments where the protagonist races against time.

She glides through snowy mountain passes at night, escapes from her enemies on the narrow streets of Lisbon, and skydives from a height of 24km. Director Tom Harper aimed to create a realistic masterpiece where anything can happen, yet the audience can believe in the main character.

Gal Gadot reveals, “The film takes the audience on an exciting journey, away from everyday life. It has a great script with elements of action, emotion, and of course, heart. They all come together in a very genuine way.”

In Heart of Stone, Rachel Stone is a solitary hero. Due to her mission load, she must conceal her true identity and limit external relationships. Throughout the movie, we see Rachel always handling personal issues alone. She is a strong-willed person, but this independent mindset also causes her to distance herself from society.

A spy’s job puts anyone close to Rachel Stone at risk of becoming a victim of evil forces. Therefore, she isolates herself to prevent others from getting hurt.

Heart of Stone sở hữu kịch bản an toàn, chưa thể là cú bứt phá sự nghiệp cho Gal Gadot - Ảnh: IGN

In the movie Heart of Stone, Gal Gadot plays a character named Rachel Stone who realizes that being a hero and saving the world comes at a price. While many of us dream of becoming superheroes, we often overlook the fact that these heroes long to be normal like us. For the sake of protecting millions of lives, they create their own separate worlds to avoid being affected by external factors. Sometimes, they even sacrifice their personal happiness and live a lonely life without friends or companionship. The film highlights the true cost that comes with fulfilling one’s duty and becoming a heroic figure.

Heart of Stone phù hợp để khán giả giải trí dịp cuối tuần - Ảnh: IGN

Heart of Stone is an action movie that is perfect for weekend entertainment and easy to watch, suitable for audiences who simply want to have fun. The film is based on a screenplay by Greg Rucka and Allison Schroeder and stars Gal Gadot, Sophie Okonedo, Matthias Schweighofer, Paul Ready, Jing Lusi, and more. Gal Gadot was originally from Israel and won the Miss Israel title in 2004. She rose to fame when she played Gisele in the Fast & Furious movie franchise, and later became the superhero Wonder Woman in the DC cinematic universe. Heart of Stone is a Skydance Media action thriller project, the same production company behind successful franchises such as Mission: Impossible, Top Gun, and Terminator. The producers hope to create a new spy movie franchise in Hollywood that is equivalent to James Bond, with the lead role being played by a female character.

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