Gal Gadot Alters Her Voice to Play the Villain in a Lively Snow White Musical

She expresses her fondness for portraying the legendary Disney antagonist, describing it as a delectable experience.

Gal Gadot Says She 'Changed' Her Voice as Evil Queen for 'Snow White' Live-Action Musical

Actress Gal Gadot is set to play the Evil Queen in the live-action reimagining of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The actress, who stars in Heart of Stone, revealed in a Vogue Hong Kong interview that she found the role enjoyable and fun to play. She also expressed excitement about the upcoming film’s release and was pleased with how she was able to stretch her performance. Gadot is eager to watch the final product and see how it all turns out.

Gal Gadot Says She 'Changed' Her Voice as Evil Queen for 'Snow White' Live-Action Musical

Gal Gadot expressed her enthusiasm for playing the part of the Evil Queen alongside Rachel Zegler in the titular role in the upcoming modernized version of the classic animated film. Speaking at the D23 Expo, Gadot and Zegler discussed their experience working together on the film and the importance of keeping the Evil Queen’s character complex and interesting, rather than just one-dimensional. According to Gadot, there is a mother-daughter dynamic between the two characters, and the film explores what happens when a woman feels she is no longer relevant. While Gadot’s costume was reportedly intimidating, the character’s full look remains a mystery.

D23 EXPO 2022 - The Ultimate Disney Fan Event presented by VISA - brings together all the worlds of Disney under one roof for three packed days of presentations, pavilions, experiences, concerts, sneak peeks, shopping, and more. The event, which takes place September 9, 10, and 11 at the Anaheim Convention Center, provides fans with unprecedented access to Disney films, series, games, theme parks, collectibles, and celebrities. (The Walt Disney Company via Getty Images) Rachel Zegler, Gal Gadot

Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot recently spoke about their experience playing a fairy tale villain in the upcoming live-action film, Snow White. While talking about her character, Zegler explained how she usually tries to make people comfortable, but with this character, she felt that people were intimidated by her due to her intimidating appearance consisting of black lipstick, nails, and lashes. On the other hand, Gadot found it enjoyable to play a bigger and more theatrical role as a fairy tale villain. The film is set to release in 2024.

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