“Gal Gadot Advocates for Empathy Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict, Joins Celebrities in Condemning Violence”

Actress Gal Gadot expressed her devastation at the recent Hamas attack on Israel, which resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 people from both sides. She declared her support for the affected victims of terrorism and urged her followers to donate funds for them. On Tuesday, she criticized those who responded to the horrific events with “justification not empathy.” She shared a post saying that Israel needed support, and requested that anyone who could donate to help those who have lost so much. On her stories, she emphasized that propaganda was at work if someone felt less empathy for the victims due to their feelings towards their government.

Post: Gal Gadot revealed her heartbreak over Hamas' attack on Israel this week

Gal Gadot expressed her sadness regarding the assault of Hamas on Israel, which resulted in the loss of around 1,400 lives of both Israelis and Palestinians. She also promised her backing to those affected by such acts of terrorism.

Propaganda aims to strip away humanity. It seeks to dehumanize both Israelis and Gazans, and unfortunately, it seems that many people have fallen prey to its influence. The violence that occurred over the weekend was met with justification instead of empathy, which is disheartening. Propaganda is pervasive, gradually infiltrating our thinking and emotions, and numbing our capacity for compassion. We must acknowledge that killing innocent people, whether they are Palestinians or Israelis, is terrible. If you find yourself lacking in empathy, ask yourself why.

Over the weekend, Gal Gadot shared a screenshot of an article detailing how Hamas militants had taken Israeli civilians and soldiers as hostages. She expressed her grief for the situation, saying that she could hear their voices and that her heart was torn as she sat with her two young children. As one of the first Hollywood figures to publicly support Israel, Gadot encourages others to stand with Israel and condemn such acts of terror.

Post: Gadot urged her followers to donate funds for those affected by the weekend's attacks and slammed people reacting to the atrocities with 'justification not empathy' on Tuesday.

Gadot encouraged her fans to contribute monetary aid for the ones impacted by the recent attacks and criticized those who responded to the tragic events with rationalization instead of compassion earlier this week.

The Wonder Woman star famously served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat trainer over a decade ago

Over ten years ago, the renowned actress of Wonder Woman fame, had a notable stint as a combat instructor in the Israeli Defense Forces.

On Saturday, the former Miss Israel 2004 was one of the first Hollywood names to speak up in support of Israel, sharing news of the Hamas ' assault on civilians

Over the weekend, former Miss Israel 2004 was one of the first Hollywood personalities to express support for Israel and condemn the Hamas’ attack on civilians. Kylie Jenner received support from Jewish organizations after she shared an Instagram Story showing solidarity with Israel. Although the influencer deleted the post due to backlash from some of her fans, American Jewish Committee spokesman Richard Hirschhaut commended her for speaking up and urged her to repost the message. The organization StandWithUs, which supports Israel and opposes antisemitism, is grateful for Kylie’s support but expressed concern that some people cannot express themselves honestly due to the intense pressure and intimidation from Hamas sympathizers. Israeli strikes against Hamas were launched following the militant group’s attacks, causing the biggest escalation in the region in decades. However, some social media users have shown their support for a free Palestine, with comments and reactions under Kylie’s recent posts.

Hurting: Justin Bieber wrote he was 'hurting for both my Israeli and Palestinian friends' in a message shared on social media ' (Pictured in New York in January)

Sides: 'I'm not interested in choosing side,' he wrote, but I am interested in standing with the families who have been brutally taken from us'

Justin Bieber expressed his concern for both his Israeli and Palestinian friends in a social media post where he shared that he felt hurt. He clarified that he does not wish to pick sides but wants to support the families who have suffered immense loss and pain.

Backlash: Chelsea tried to walk a fine diplomatic line in a lengthy message on Instagram beginning with 'We desire peace for Israelis and Palestinians.'  (Pictured in New York in June)_

Backlash: Chelsea was concerned about backlash against Jews around the world

Chelsea attempted to maintain a diplomatic stance in her lengthy Instagram post, expressing her desire for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. However, she expressed concern about the potential backlash against Jews worldwide. Similarly, Justin Bieber, Chelsea Handler, and Jessica Seinfeld encouraged their fans to consider both sides of the conflict while denouncing the violence. The hitmaker wrote that she was “truly hurting” for her Israeli and Palestinian friends and stressed the importance of not villainizing entire groups based on the actions of a few. Chelsea emphasized that humanity is at stake in this conflict, acknowledging the terror experienced by both Palestinians and Jews.

Messaging: 'It is important to be clear about messaging, Jessica Seinfeld wrote  (Pictured in New York in November 2022)

Messaging: Innocent Palestinians who live in Gaza who are not Hamas, deserve to be free. Jews who live in and outside Israel are not the Israeli government. They deserve to live without fear for being Jewish'

Jessica Seinfeld expressed her opinion that the Palestinians residing in Gaza and are not affiliated with Hamas should be granted freedom. Similarly, she believes that Jews living both inside and outside of Israel are not necessarily representatives of the Israeli government and deserve to live their lives without any fear of being Jewish.

Support of Peace: Kyle Richards shared a statement from The Agency, the real estate brokerage where her estranged husband Maricio Umansky works. 'An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us,' the message said

Kyle Richards, Jessica Seinfeld, and Sarah Silverman have expressed their support for peace and denunciation of violence amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Richards shared a statement from The Agency, condemning hate and terrorism in any form against anyone. Seinfeld encouraged people not to paint both sides of the conflict in broad strokes and called for innocent Palestinians to be free while acknowledging Israel’s need to protect itself from Hamas. Silverman graphically denounced the Democratic Socialists of America for their response on social media, calling Hamas murderers. Kourtney Kardashian sent prayers to Israeli and Palestinian children affected by the war, while Isla Fisher also expressed her concern on Instagram. Playboy has dropped Mia Khalifa after she supported the terror attacks by Hamas.

Strongly denounced: Sarah Silverman, , shown last month in Nashville, took to Instagram on Monday to graphically denounce the Democratic Socialists of America for their response on social media

Lost forever: 'The DSA of which I was a proud lifetime member, has lost me forever

Sarah Silverman expressed strong disapproval towards the Democratic Socialists of America on Instagram by using explicit language and imagery. This comes after their response on social media was criticized. The actress and comedian made her opinion clear in a recent post.

Social media: 'They posted this 11 hours ago. This is what they felt they needed to post ELEVEN motherf***ing HOURS ago. If you swipe right, you can see my comment which they deleted. Over 1000 slaughtered as of now. Girls raped over the bodies of their friends. These are kids, babies, children, teens, elderly, many of whom like my family march in the streets nightly protesting Netanyahu and the occupation THAT'S WHO HAMAS MURDERED you F***S. knowing Israel@will retaliate- do you get that they don't give a F*** about Palestinian lives?????,' Sarah posted for her roughly 2 million followers

Sarah, who has a following of about 2 million people on social media, recently made a post regarding the tragic events that took place in Palestine. She expressed her frustration over how someone had posted something seemingly unrelated to the tragedy eleven hours ago. If you swipe right, you can see the comment she left which was later deleted. As of now, over a thousand people have been killed, and young girls were raped amidst the chaos. Sarah highlighted the fact that many of the victims were innocent children, elderly and individuals like her family who protested against Netanyahu and the occupation. Sarah also pointed out that Hamas murdered these innocent people, without thinking about the consequences of Israel’s retaliation. Her post conveyed her strong emotions towards the disregard for Palestinian lives.

Horrific details: The comedian shared a post about terrorists beheading 40 Israeli babies

Disturbing Information: The comic shared a social media post discussing the brutal act of terrorists beheading 40 innocent Israeli infants.

Reality star: Kourtney Kardashian, 44, after plugging her Lemme gummies supplement on Instagram Stories later shared a post for her roughly 224 million followers about her heart hurting for 'all children'

Ultimate casualties: 'I'm sending endless prayers to the Israeli and Palestinian children who are the ultimate casualties of war. And who always have been,' read the message Kourtney reposted

Kourtney Kardashian, a famous reality star aged 44, recently promoted her Lemme gummies supplement on Instagram Stories. Later, she expressed her concern for children by sharing a post on her account, which has approximately 224 million followers. She mentioned that her heart aches for all children.

Ongoing conflict: Australian actress Isla Fisher, 47, also shared posts on her Instagram account about the ongoing conflict

The ongoing conflict has been a topic of discussion on Australian actress Isla Fisher’s Instagram account. The 47-year-old celebrity has posted about it on her profile.

Streaming star: Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp shared his solidarity with Jews everywhere

Noah Schnapp, famous for his role in Stranger Things, recently expressed his support for the Jewish community. The streaming sensation shared a message of solidarity with Jews worldwide.

Helpful tool: Jessica Alba shared a helpful took for talking to children about Israel and Hamas

Useful Resource: Jessica Alba has provided a valuable resource for initiating conversations with children regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Verified resources: The actress also shared information on how to help Israel

The performer also gave out details on ways to assist Israel, as confirmed sources report.

Collective humanity: Mandy Moore questioned our collective humanity

Mandy Moore raised concerns about the state of our collective humanity.

Feeling devastated: Nicola Petlz Beckham posted on Instagram that she felt devastated

Nicola Petlz Beckham shared on her Instagram that she was feeling completely devastated.

Purple prose: Vanessa Hudgens shared a post about how killing civilians is 'never acceptable'

Vanessa Hudgens recently posted on social media about her firm belief that taking the lives of innocent civilians is never an acceptable action. This statement is a clear indication of her stance against violence and the value she places on human life.

Heart broken: Lisa Rinna shared a post about being heartbroken

Feeling devastated: Lisa Rinna expressed her emotions on social media about going through heartbreak.

Not okay: Katherine Schwarzenegger shared a message about none of it being okay

Unacceptable: Katherine Schwarzenegger posted a statement saying that everything is not alright.

Better: Katherine Schwarzenegger recently took to social media to express her concern with the current situation, emphasizing that things are not going well.

Ask yourself: The daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger also shared a post about the horror of killing innocents

Take a moment to think about this: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter recently posted about the terrifying act of taking the lives of innocent people.

Changed her mind: Kylie Jenner has received support from Jewish organizations in America after she posted then deleted an Instagram Story showing her support for Israel on Saturday - following backlash from some of her fans

Kylie Jenner was backed by Jewish groups in the US after she shared, then removed an Instagram Story expressing her solidarity with Israel last Saturday. Some of her fans criticized her, but others supported her stance.

Opinion: The influencer, 26, took to her social media with image of Israel's flag with the text, 'Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel!'

Viewpoint: A 26-year-old influencer recently shared a photo of Israel’s flag on her social media along with the statement, ‘We support and stand by the people of Israel, now and forever!’

Reaction: Under Kylie's recent post - as she shared snaps from Paris Fashion Week - many have made their feelings clear by posting the flag of Palestine

In response to Kylie’s recent post featuring pictures from Paris Fashion Week, many individuals have expressed their support for Palestine by posting the flag on her social media account. Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-American, has also been vocal about her support for Palestine and has urged the freedom fighters to film horizontally so she can better view the conflict. She has made light of the situation by joking about guerrilla fighters in fake Gucci shirts bringing down the Zionist apartheid regime. Khalifa has also reposted a message stating that the United States is a terrorist state and criticized Kylie Jenner for sharing and then deleting a message in support of Israel. Playboy has since reprimanded Khalifa for her comments and removed her from their platform, but she remains unapologetic and has even lost business opportunities due to her stance.

She reiterated her stance on requesting terrorists to film horizontally, stating that she wanted to ensure high-quality footage of her people breaking down the walls of the open air prison they were forced into. Her goal was to have good options for historical documentation that showcased how they freed themselves from apartheid. As a Lebanese citizen, she vehemently opposed colonialism and considered it ludicrous for anyone to expect her to support it. Khalifa was originally from Beirut and moved to the United States as a child during the South Lebanon conflict with Israel. She has always been a vocal advocate for the Palestinian’s right to end Israeli occupation and frequently criticizes Zionists. Although she used to work in the porn industry, she now speaks out against it and became a controversial figure after filming sketches while wearing a hijab. In 2019, she disclosed that she received death threats for her work. During the weekend, Hamas militants infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip, taking over settlements and killing civilians who were celebrating a Jewish holiday. A music festival was among the first targets of the terrorist group, and 260 revelers were massacred there.

Playboy has cut ties with porn star Mia Khalifa after comments that sparked fury online loudly supporting the terror attacks by Hamas that left hundreds of Israelis dead

Playboy Magazine has recently terminated their professional relationship with adult film actress, Mia Khalifa. This decision was made after her controversial remarks regarding the Hamas terrorist attacks. These comments had a huge backlash and outraged many people due to her support of the violent acts that killed numerous innocent Israeli citizens.

Khalifa sparked massive backlash online after she loudly supported the terror attack by Hamas that left hundreds of Israelis dead over the weekend

Khalifa faced severe criticism on social media when she expressed her vocal support for the recent Hamas terror attack which resulted in the loss of several Israeli lives.

Khalifa's page now shows a 'Not Found' graphic on the website, as the adult magazine released a statement confirming that she is no longer creating content

The page of Khalifa can no longer be found as the adult magazine has officially stated that she has stopped producing any content. A ‘Not Found’ image is now displayed on her website.

Israeli airstrikes on Islamic National Bank of Gaza destroy buildings and neighborhoods at Rimal district of Gaza City

Reports indicate that the Islamic National Bank of Gaza was targeted in Israeli airstrikes, resulting in the destruction of several buildings and neighborhoods in the Rimal district of Gaza City. Witnesses who survived the attack reported that gunmen systematically executed victims “tree by tree,” with harrowing footage of the ordeal circulating on social media. Many of those caught in the violence were forced to hide under bushes and record their final messages to loved ones as they watched others being killed. The ordeal lasted for over five hours before armed rescuers speaking Hebrew could be heard approaching. The Palestinian terrorist group responsible for the attack stormed the Supernova Festival near Kibbutz Re’im, launching a surprise assault on Israeli citizens on Saturday. The attack has sparked concerns that it could mark the beginning of the deadliest conflict between Israel and Palestine in decades. As of Monday, more than 900 Israelis have been confirmed dead, while over 2,000 have been injured. It is unknown how many people are still being held hostage in Gaza, but estimates suggest that the number is likely to be in the hundreds.

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