“From Pop Princess to Supportive BFF: Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner Gain a Cute Nickname Amid Breakup Drama with Joe Jonas”

These two ladies have established a strong friendship since 2019 after connecting while sharing a couch on The Graham Norton Show.

According to sources, it has been revealed that Taylor Swift has been a great source of support for British actress Sophie Turner. The Game of Thrones star, who rose to fame playing the role of Sansa Stark, has gone through a tough time after her four-year marriage with Jonas ended on a bitter note.

Up until now, Mr Jonas, aged 34, has been ahead in the battle of public relations. His associates have claimed that the marriage broke down due to Ms Turner’s inclination to party excessively, while he preferred staying home with their two daughters.

Further reports have emerged that Mr Jonas is extremely angry with Ms Turner’s decision to take legal action in an attempt to bring their young daughters back to the UK. These claims have been documented in court records. Additionally, it has been suggested that Ms Turner has found comfort in her friendship with Taylor Swift during this difficult time. Although the two may not have been seen together frequently in the past, they share a bond that has led to Taylor providing support for Sophie during her ordeal.

Taylor Swift is fully aware that being seen with Sophie Turner will create a lot of attention and news coverage, as their combined nickname “Saylor” has already caught on. Swift’s support for Turner will also be awkward for Joe Jonas, who briefly dated Swift in 2008 before breaking up with her over the phone. Swift went on to write several songs about the breakup, but she and Jonas have since made amends. The two women were recently spotted enjoying a night out in New York City, while Jonas had filed for divorce from his wife in Miami just two weeks earlier.

According to reports, the couple has been leading separate lives for a few months. Many people found their relationship odd, given that Ms Turner, who was born in Northampton, had no connections to show business, while Mr Jonas was a member of the highly successful band, Jonas Brothers. However, her life changed forever when her drama teacher encouraged her to audition for the role of Sansa Stark at the age of 14. Even though they seemed like an unlikely match, Ms Turner is now ready to take on some challenges with the support of her pop star husband by her side.

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