From Heartbroken Fan to Security Staff: How a Taylor Swift Devotee’s Viral Moment Led Him to Fulfill His Dream

The Eras Tour ticketing process turned out to be a complete mess, leaving countless Taylor Swift fans disappointed and ticketless. A die-hard fan from Nashville found himself in the same predicament, but he came up with an ingenious idea to make some money while watching the show from prime floor seats. His creativity and dedication to the fandom earned him internet fame and admiration.

Now, we have your full attention and maybe even a hint of envy, but let us fill you in on the details. Davis Perrigo, an avid Taylor Swift fan, was devastated when he failed to secure tickets for any of the three Nashville dates on the Eras Tour. However, instead of giving up hope or resorting to spending a fortune on StubHub, Perrigo put his creativity to the test and found a way to attend the concert for free (or technically, less than free). As an accountant by profession, we can only imagine that Perrigo looked something like this while solving the Eras Equation:

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Perrigo came up with a clever hack to enjoy the Eras Tour while getting paid – he applied for a security job at the venue. This allowed him to have a great view of the show and also get paid for it. As expected, Perrigo couldn’t help but become a fan and sing and dance along to every song. Despite not being allowed to use his phone while working, other Swifties nearby captured his excitement on camera.

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During an interview with News Channel 5 in Nashville, Perrigo shared that his wife often teases him for singing Taylor Swift’s songs with so much enthusiasm even though he has never experienced a breakup. Perrigo was thrilled when his video of fanboying over Swift went viral, and he proudly showed it off to his coworkers. He was amazed when the video reached over a million views in just one night and couldn’t believe how out of control it got. Now he’s considering applying for jobs at all remaining Eras Tour venues.

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