“Feline fashionista: Taylor Swift’s stylish and customized cat carriers for her beloved pets during travels from NYC apartment”

Taylor Swift is recognized for her refined taste in fashion, and it appears that her pet felines are also reaping the benefits. As she left her New York City residence last Saturday, her cats, Detective Olivia Benson and Doctor Meredith Grey, were seen riding in luxurious customized carriers. The pop sensation looked equally chic herself, sporting a black double-breasted coat that cut off at mid-thigh and donning a pair of Louboutin boots.

Taylor Swift was spotted leaving her apartment in New York City with her two feline companions. These fancy cats, who are of a pedigree breed, accompany the singer wherever she goes. Her mother, Andrea Finlay, gifted her with custom carriers in red and blue colors as a Christmas present. Taylor expressed her delight by posting a photo of them on her Instagram account and even made a playful comment about her mom winning the gift-giving competition.

The young artist, aged 25, put on a show in Times Square to ring in the New Year.

Hitting the road once more: Taylor and her two furry feline companions made their way to the airport to board a flight.

Taylor Swift’s mother won the Christmas present game this year, as per Taylor herself. The singer received her first Scottish Fold cat named Meredith on Halloween 2011, and she named her after the Grey’s Anatomy character. According to Taylor, Meredith is one of the best cats due to her lack of shedding and aggressive behavior. Olivia, another Scottish Fold cat, joined Meredith in 2019. Taylor even gave Olivia a nickname, “Dibbles,” because it fits her personality better. She revealed this fact on the Ellen show last year.

Taylor welcomed her very first feline friend, Meredith (shown in the photo), into her life on the spooky holiday of Halloween back in 2011.

Isn’t this just precious? We have Olivia, the Scottish fold that Taylor brought home last year, right up front looking absolutely adorable. Speaking of Taylor, her year couldn’t have started off any better! On Friday, she received news that her newest album, appropriately named 1989 after the year she was born, was the best selling album of 2014. This success is huge, with 3.66 million copies being sold. The Frozen soundtrack came in at a close second, selling 3.53 million copies.

The felines are treated like royalty and get to fly in a personal airplane whenever they go on a trip with their human companion. No expense is spared for these privileged pets, as they are only offered the highest standard of transportation.

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