“Exclusive Sneak Peek: Behind the Scenes of Wonder Woman 1984 Filming Revealed in New Photo Series”

While shooting certain scenes of “Wonder Woman 1984” in London, numerous fans took pictures of Gal Gadot portraying the character of Diana Prince and shared them on various social media platforms.

These pictures display Gal Gadot donning a vintage coat reminiscent of Londoners from the 1900s. She carries a cup of steaming coffee and is surrounded by makeup artists who are working on her look.

Continuing the story of the successful DCEU blockbuster, Wonder Woman 1984 features the female superhero in a new battle that promises to be just as thrilling as the last. This time, she faces off against the cursed archaeologist Barbara Minerva, played by Kristen Wiig, who transforms into the evil and powerful Cheetah, always seeking death.

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