“Erasing Competition: Swifties Showcasing Their Best Era Tour Looks”

Jasmine and Karla Ramirez attended the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas last weekend dressed as ballerinas, despite not being real ones. They were wearing full tutus, tights, and crowns – an outfit that they recreated from Taylor Swift’s music video “Shake It Off”. The sisters explained that they went all out to show Taylor how much they appreciate her for all these years. They wanted to demonstrate their gratitude for her unwavering support by showing up and being present for her.

Swift’s Eras Tour has recently started and fans have been preparing for it for months, even before the Ticketmaster mishap. Many Swifties have been sharing their outfit designs on TikTok, with some videos featuring AI-generated audio of Swift complimenting their ensembles. As a dedicated Swift fan, the author has spent countless hours admiring other fans’ outfits on the platform and also spent a significant amount of money on her own outfits for the concert.

Swifties have developed a new obsession – planning their fashion for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. The pandemic has led to a wardrobe of loungewear, making the anticipation for the tour even greater. The last tour was five years ago and with the release of four new albums, there is an eagerness to see what Swift has in store for fans. The rise of TikTok has also contributed to the craze, with fans documenting their concert experiences and competing with each other to showcase the best outfits.

The Eras tour by Taylor Swift is a non-chronological journey through her career, showcasing her evolution from country music to pop and folk. Swift changes her outfits throughout the show to reflect each era of her music. This has led fans to put more thought into their own outfits, with some referring to the tour as their personal Met Gala. Fans have recreated Swift’s previous tour costumes as well as more niche looks such as Swift recovering from LASIK surgery or receiving an honorary degree. One fan even went to a show dressed as a literal Easter egg, celebrating Swift’s practice of embedding secret messages into her performances, social media posts, and outfits.

Fans attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour are taking inspiration from various eras and albums of her music to create their own unique looks, with some even recreating specific outfits worn by the singer in the past. However, others have chosen to wear ensembles inspired by album themes or simply embracing sequins and fringe, which seems to be an unspoken rule for concert fashion at the moment. Concert fashion has evolved from being mainly associated with artist merchandise to curated looks that celebrate the thrill of being out of the house and seeing your favorite artist live. Fans who have attended both Harry Styles and Taylor Swift concerts have seen this trend firsthand and attribute it to COVID-induced weariness and newfound appreciation for concerts.

McKinley, who wore a beautiful white dress with blue butterflies in her hair in honor of Taylor Swift’s debut album, acknowledges the influence of social media on the trend. She believes that people want to prove they were present, had fun, and looked good as they captured the night in perfect photos. She also thinks that this subconscious attitude is due to the pandemic, which took two years of everyone’s lives, and people are afraid it might happen again.

However, fans who prefer comfort over extravagance are not immune to the expectation that Eras Tour looks must be attention-grabbing in some way. During the second night of the Arlington show, I met a fan wearing a tie-dye t-shirt that seemed cursed. The shirt featured an image of Taylor Swift in the critically panned film adaptation of Cats at the back, while the front had a long text defending the corny Lover single “ME!,” a song that many fans were pleased to find Swift had left off this tour’s setlist.

When asked about the shirt, the fan explained that she supports everything Taylor does and hopes the singer performs “ME!” that night.

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