“Did Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini Fall Out? Speculations arise as former Scientology member misses Bennifer’s wedding”

There are rumors circulating that Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini may have had a falling out, according to comments made by Michelle Visage. During a recent episode of the Las Culturistas podcast, Visage was asked if J-Lo and Remini are still friends. Instead of answering directly, she avoided the question and made a strange face, leading some to speculate that there may be drama between the two. The conversation arose when the hosts brought up J-Lo and Remini’s collaboration on the 2018 film Second Act.

Jennifer Lopez (above pictured this month) and Leah Remini are rumoured to have FALLEN OUT: Rumors swirl again after ex-Scientology star was a no-show at Bennifer wedding last year

Ex-Scientology star: Remini  - pictured at an event in 2019 - was a no-show at J-Lo's wedding

Could there be a rift between Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini? Rumors are swirling once again that the two have had a falling out. This speculation comes after Remini was noticeably absent from JLo’s wedding to Ben Affleck last year. However, it turns out that Remini was simply spending time with her daughter who was heading off to college. TMZ reported that there were no issues between the actresses and that they remain friends. Nonetheless, the gossip continues to circulate.

Letting it slip: RuPaul's Drag Race legend Michelle Visage hinted at a potential feud while speaking on the Las Culturistas podcast with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang Wednesday

Michelle Visage, a renowned personality from RuPaul’s Drag Race, recently suggested the possibility of a feud during her appearance on the Las Culturistas podcast with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez’s friendship goes back a decade when they were introduced by Jennifer’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony. The former Scientologist and her husband Angelo Pagan met the multi-talented performer for the first time at a film premiere. In 2018, Remini humorously admitted to Entertainment Tonight that she initially hoped Lopez would look unattractive in person.

Gal pals: Leah and Jen first struck up a friendship more than ten years ago when they were introduced by Jennifer's ex-husband Marc Anthony

BFFs: Leah and Jen became best friends over a decade ago after being introduced by Jennifer’s former partner, Marc Anthony.

Working women: The two friends starred together in the 2018 movie Second Act

The duo of pals co-starred in the film Second Act back in 2018, both accomplished working women in their own right.

Absent: Leah Remini was a no-show for her best friend Jennifer Lopez's Georgia wedding with Ben Affleck last year

Leah Remini failed to attend Jennifer Lopez’s wedding with Ben Affleck in Georgia last year. During the event, Lopez was awestruck by Remini’s beauty and couldn’t help but express her admiration. She hoped that the lighting was making her friend look good, but as she got closer, she realized that Remini was naturally stunning. Lopez even jokingly wished that Remini was not smart to balance out her beauty. Despite her absence at the wedding, Lopez fell in love with Remini all over again due to her striking appearance.

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