Celebrities Gather at Inez Reynolds’ 7th Birthday Bash with Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Bradley Cooper, and Emily Blunt in NYC

Over the weekend in New York City, Taylor Swift attended the birthday party of Inez, the daughter of her close friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. The 33-year-old musician, who is currently dating Travis Kelce, sported a navy sweater that was slightly oversized and a plaid mini skirt that was pleated. Taylor completed her look with black sunglasses and peach-toned lipstick, adding a touch of glam to her outfit. Her leggy display was accentuated by a pair of black combat boots. The singer was seen leaving the event in Tribeca with Blake and Ryan.

Celebration: Taylor Swift was a guest at close friend Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds' daughter Inez's birthday party on Saturday in New York City

Taylor Swift attended her dear friend Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughter Inez’s birthday bash in New York City over the weekend.

Schoolgirl look: The 33-year-old music sensation attended the gathering in a slightly oversized navy sweater and a pleated, plaid mini skirt

The music sensation who is 33 years old showed up at the event wearing a navy sweater that was slightly oversized and a mini skirt which had pleats and was made of plaid material. She sported a schoolgirl look with this outfit.

The singer-songwriter sported a gorgeous head of golden blonde hair styled in natural-looking curls that cascaded down her back. Her locks were thick and voluminous, held in place by face-framing bangs that added an extra layer of bounce to her mane. Taylor was seen leaving an event with friends, showing off her stylish dark manicure.

Joining her at the event was actress Emily Blunt, who was spotted with one of her daughters dressed in a long purple coat with multicolored bottoms and a shiny black purse. Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper was also present, holding his ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk’s daughter Lea’s hand. The Silver Linings Playbook star looked dapper in a navy button-up shirt, dark jeans, and sneakers. He also accessorized with a black baseball cap, round sunglasses, and a black backpack, proving that he was the ultimate cool dad.

Humble: Blake waved to young starstruck fans as she left the party

With humility, Blake bid farewell to her adoring fans who were starstruck upon seeing her at the party.

Invitee: Emily Blunt was spotted escorting her and husband John Krasinski's daughter

Celebrity mom Emily Blunt was recently seen accompanying her adorable daughter, who she shares with husband John Krasinski.

Rainy day look: The actress wore a long purple coat with multicolor bottoms and she carried a shiny black Miu Miu purse

On a day when the skies were filled with rain, the talented actress donned a stunning long coat in a rich shade of purple. Her look was completed with beautifully patterned multicolor bottoms that added a pop of color to the ensemble. To complement her stylish outfit, she carried a shiny black Miu Miu purse that exuded sophistication. Overall, her rainy day look was both fashionable and practical.

Friend: Bradley Cooper brought his and ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk's daughter to the soiree

My buddy informed me that Bradley Cooper brought his and his ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk’s daughter to the gathering. In the meantime, Reynolds was looking quite dapper in his fall fashion outfit. He was sporting a navy windbreaker jacket over a light blue and white plaid shirt, along with a pair of slim-fitting chino pants. He completed the look with white sneakers and black-rimmed eyeglasses, as well as a full beard. His hair was neatly cut over his ears and the top was wispy. Blake, on the other hand, grabbed everyone’s attention by donning a flowy dress and cropped jacket, both featuring different patterns. She kept the outfit coordinated with matching cream and red loafers. Her long, dirty blonde hair was styled in her signature loose manner with a deep side part.

Also in attendance: Gigi Hadid and her daughter Khai were also seen at the party

Gigi Hadid and her little one Khai were also present at the gathering.

Style maven: Supermodel Gigi wore cropped jeans, high-top Chuck Taylor sneakers, and a long beige coat

Fashion icon Gigi was spotted donning a pair of cropped jeans, paired with high-top Chuck Taylor sneakers and a lengthy beige coat.

Great mood: Swift appeared in good spirits as she flashed a soft, toothy smile

Feeling happy: Swift was looking cheerful and content as she revealed a gentle grin with her teeth on display.

Fashion-forward: Blake wowed as she mixed patterns and modeled a red and white color palette

Blake made a fashion statement by combining different patterns and showcasing a vibrant red and white color scheme.

Accessory: Taylor carried an orange-toned purse with a silver chain strap over her shoulder

Taylor had an adorable purse with a lovely shade of orange and a shiny silver chain strap that she slung over her shoulder as an accessory.

Nice gesture: A gentleman held the door open for the pop star as she exited with a smile

Blake trailed closely behind Swift

A heartwarming act: A kind man graciously held the door open for the famous singer as she left, and she flashed him a grateful smile.

Glam: The Eras pop star looked every bit the star as she wore a pair of black shades and swiped her pout with peach-toned lipstick

Glamorous and stylish, the Eras pop star exuded star power with her choice of black sunglasses and peach-colored lipstick that complemented her look perfectly.

All legs: Swift smiled as she celebrated  her friend's little girl, who attended The Eras Tour earlier this year

The party clan didn't let the inclement weather dampen the day

Swift was overjoyed as she celebrated the attendance of her friend’s little girl at The Eras Tour earlier this year. The singer and her pal, Lively, have had a strong bond since 2015. During her performance in Philadelphia, Taylor made a heartwarming gesture to Lively’s daughters, Inez and James, who were present that night. In a sweet moment caught on camera by fans who later shared it on social media, Taylor mouthed what seemed to be ‘Hi, James! Hi, Inez!’ while exiting the stage accompanied by the trio.

All hands on deck: Multiple people pitched in to carry items out of the location

Everyone came together and worked collaboratively to move the belongings from the place.

Leftover treat: A cake was carried to the car Taylor was headed toward

As Taylor walked towards the car, a scrumptious cake caught their eye. It seemed like someone had left it behind as an unexpected treat.

Wow! The birthday girl received a heap of gifts for her special day

Oh my gosh! The celebrant was showered with a ton of presents to mark her birthday.

Helper: A helpful man in a hat and puffer vest carried birthday gifts out of the establishment

Assistance was provided by a kind gentleman wearing a stylish hat and warm puffer vest who exited the location while carrying presents for a birthday celebration.

Special delivery: A man was seen dropping off pink balloons and other supplies from Party City

Unique paraphrased content: An individual was spotted delivering pink balloons and other party essentials from a Party City store.

A perfect day: The Lively and Reynolds' birthday certainty brought together the pair's closest friends and some of the biggest stars in Hollywood

The recent celebration of Lively and Reynolds’ birthdays was a joyous occasion that gathered their closest friends and a number of prominent Hollywood stars. Adding to the excitement of the day was the fact that the 12-time Grammy Award winner, Taylor Swift, had previously included the names of Lively’s three eldest children – James, Betty, and Inez – in her popular album, Folklore. Swift had even confirmed that she named all the characters in her story after her friend’s kids. Interestingly, fans began to speculate that Swift may have revealed the name of Lively and Reynolds’ fourth child in a verse from her song, You’re on Your Own, Kid, which led to theories that they might be calling their new arrival Daisy May. While these rumors are yet to be confirmed, it has certainly added a little extra excitement to their already special day.

Luxury ride: Ryan followed behind his wife as they piled into a Range Rover

The couple hopped into a Range Rover, with Ryan trailing closely behind his better half. They were about to embark on a luxurious ride together.

Longtime pals: Swift and Lively have a long and close friendship that dates back to 2015

Swift and Lively’s friendship goes way back to 2015, and they have been close ever since. They have been pals for a long time.

Sweet: The 12-time Grammy winner previously included the names of Lively's three eldest kids James, Betty and Inez on her hit album, Folklore

Lovely: Prior to this, the recipient of 12 Grammy awards had already featured the monikers of Lively’s three older children, namely James, Betty, and Inez, on her chart-topping album, Folklore.

Practically family: While accepting her third album of the year win for Folklore at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards in 2021, Swift namechecked her pal's children yet again

During the 63rd annual Grammy Awards in 2021, Taylor Swift received her third Album of the Year win for Folklore and expressed gratitude to her close friend’s children, James, Inez, and Betty. This is not the first time she has mentioned them; she previously referenced Daisy May in her lyrics as a possible name for one of the children. Swift even featured James’ voice in her song “Gorgeous” in 2017. In her acceptance speech, she thanked James, Inez, and Betty, as well as their parents, who are the first to hear every new song she writes.

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