“Breaking the Fashion Rules: Kim Kardashian Flaunts Unconventional Dress, While Kanye Holds on to Wedding Ring”

Kim Kardashian delighted her more than 200 million Instagram fans by sharing two brand new photos on Thursday afternoon. The 40-year-old beauty entrepreneur was captured in a rare seafoam green and gray dress that highlighted her stunning 41-inch hips and 26-inch waistline. Although she initially planned to save the jaw-dropping outfit for a future vacation, she decided to showcase it on social media instead. It appeared as though the dress had been uniquely cut and re-sewn to create its striking appearance.

Teeny tiny: Kim Kardashian treated her over 200M Instagram followers to two fresh photos on Thursday afternoon. The 40-year-old makeup mogul was seen in an unusual seafoam green and gray dress that made the most of her 41in hips and 26in waistline

Kim Kardashian delighted her more than 200 million Instagram followers with two brand new photos on Thursday. The 40-year-old beauty mogul was spotted wearing an unusual seafoam green and grey dress that flaunted her hourglass figure, with a waistline of just 26 inches and hips measuring 41 inches. She mentioned in the caption that she had saved the dress for a vacation, but decided to share it on Instagram instead. The complex outfit appeared to be a tank top with the sides cut with scissors, paired with a bikini bottom sewn onto it. The asymmetrical fabric pieces on the bottom added an extra edge to the outfit, with one side even featuring a flap. While the dress showcased her toned arms and bare hips, it covered her legs with fabric.

NOT for vacay: The mother-of-four said she was saving the show-stopping number - which appeared to have been cut and sewn back together - for a vacation but decided that she would share it on the 'gram'

The mother of four recently showed off a stunning outfit on Instagram, which she had apparently saved for a vacation but decided to share with her followers. The outfit appeared to have been cut and sewn back together, and Kim Kardashian accessorized with silver earrings, plenty of makeup, and a unique hairstyle featuring a fountain spout. She took selfies in the outfit, with one image showing off her back and side. In the background, there were some papers and a pen on the sectional, suggesting that she was taking care of business too. Celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, and Courteney Cox liked the post, and it received almost 1 million likes in the first hour. Meanwhile, DJ Khaled caused a stir by sharing an image of Kanye West wearing his gold wedding ring from estranged wife Kim Kardashian, despite the fact that they are well into the divorce process.

On trend: The Selfish author put her hair in a fountain spout and she had on plenty of makeup with silver earrings for the selfies

The latest buzz is about the Selfish author who styled her hair in a unique way by putting it in a fountain spout. Her selfies were on fleek, with an abundance of makeup and dazzling silver earrings. In another viral photo, Kanye was seen with his hands up in the air, revealing his ring on the ring finger. He was captured wearing an all-black attire and appeared to be lost deep in thought with his eyes closed while sitting on an office chair. DJ Khaled shared a recent encounter with Kanye on social media, where he revealed that Kanye surprised him by showing up at his house at 8 am without prior notice.

A lot to take in: One image was dead on and the other showed off her side and backside too

Wow, there’s so much to unpack here! From what I can gather, one photo of someone was spot-on while the other showcased their side and backside. According to the source, they had @chefmelissauniga whip up some eggs with ketchup and vegan bacon, while they listened to #KhaledKhaled. Apparently, the album is incredible and set to release this Friday, April 30th – I’m definitely looking forward to hearing it! On a more serious note, Kim and Kanye are no longer together; Kim filed for divorce back in February after being married for almost seven years.

On the sectional in the center if the closet there were some papers and a pen suggesting Kim was taking care of business

In the middle of the closet’s sectional, there were papers and a pen, indicating that Kim was busy with work. According to People, Kanye filed for divorce in April and requested joint custody of their four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. Fortunately, their divorce proceedings are going smoothly, and they are both committed to providing the best situation for their kids. Kim is pleased that they’ve managed to keep things peaceful, and wants Kanye to have as much time with their children as he desires. As each week passes since she filed for divorce, she appears to be increasingly content, according to a source.

Can't let go? The black and white photo featured Kanye with his hands up in the air - with his ring clearly seen on his ring finger. Kanye wore all black in the image as he sat on an office chair, keeping his eyes closed.

Are you still holding on? This photo of Kanye in black and white shows him with his hands up, revealing his ring on his finger. He’s wearing all black and sitting on an office chair with his eyes closed.

Done: After her February filing, Kim and the children have continued to stay at their $60 million Hidden Hills mansion she previously shared with Kanye. Seen in 2016 in NYC

Revised: Since filing for divorce in February, Kim Kardashian has been residing at her lavish $60 million Hidden Hills mansion with her children. She expressed confidence in her decision to end her marriage with Kanye West, stating that “the kids are doing as she could hope.” Lately, rumors have been circulating around her dating life, with many speculating about a potential relationship with CNN reporter Van Jones. Although the two have been friends for years, fans are wondering if there is something more between them, especially since Kim spent four years working closely with his nonpartisan organization, #cut50, as part of her law apprenticeship.

Family first: They are parents to: North, seven, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, who turns two in May

The couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, are proud parents to four beautiful children: North, who is seven years old, Saint, who is five years old, Chicago, who is three years old, and Psalm, who will be turning two in May. Despite rumors circulating about a romantic relationship between Kim and Van Jones, sources close to the reality star have denied any such speculation. They have asserted that Kim and Van have a long-standing working relationship and share a common interest in criminal justice reform. Although New York Post columnist Cindy Adams has suggested that Van’s political views may have influenced Kim’s politics, Twitter users have mixed reactions towards their alleged relationship. While some people accuse Kim of using Van to advance her career in law, others are in disbelief at the prospect of them being together.

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