“Body Language Expert Analyzes Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Intense and Tactile Date Nights, Suggesting a New Romance with Kelce as Alpha Male”

A body language expert has commented on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s recent dates in New York City, noting a significant change in their relationship. The new couple was seen on back-to-back date nights, with Kelce placing a hand on Swift’s back after leaving The Waverly Inn on Sunday. The previous night, they were spotted holding hands and Kelce was photographed leaving Swift’s apartment the following day. The expert, Darren Stanton, believes that their physical displays suggest a growing intensity between the pair, indicating that earlier observations of a lack of connection no longer apply.

The latest images of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship reveals that their romance has experienced a 'notable shift'

A body language expert has claimed the pair's connection is growing

According to a body language expert, new photos of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce suggest that there has been a significant change in their relationship.

According to body language expert Darren Stanton, the pair's interactions over the weekend dismissed previous claims that they seemed to have a 'lack of connection'

Body language expert Darren Stanton has analyzed photos of Taylor Swift and Travis Scott’s public display of affection over the weekend and concluded that there is a romantic connection between the two. Stanton observes that the couple appeared extremely tactile with one another, indicating a high level of affection and intensity in their relationship. The expert notes that Travis has his hand on Taylor’s backside in public and also has his arm around her in some intimate places, suggesting they have formed a deep and full-on relationship. Moreover, Travis appears to be an alpha male with a dominating presence quite different from Taylor’s past partners, indicating that she could be willing to try something different this time.

The new couple were pictured on two back-to-back date nights in New York City over the weekend

The recently formed pair were captured on two consecutive evenings out in New York City during the weekend.

Darren claims their tactile displays hint that there is 'a real intensity' growing between the new couple

According to Darren, their physical displays suggest that the new couple’s relationship is becoming more intense.

The behavioral expert adds that their public displays of affection over the weekend indicate that 'their romance is quite full on already'

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce leaving the SNL afterpart on October 15

According to a spokesperson for Spin Genie, the couple’s PDA over the weekend suggests that their relationship is progressing rapidly. On Sunday, Taylor Swift and her boyfriend were seen holding hands as they walked down the street in New York after the successful opening weekend of her tour documentary. The singer looked stunning in a sheer floral top and black mini skirt, while her partner Travis wore a casual outfit. This was the second date night in a row for the couple, who began dating last month after Travis made a move on the pop star. The previous night, they were spotted enjoying a romantic dinner at Nobu where Travis chivalrously helped Taylor put on her coat. Later, they joined their SNL co-stars at an afterparty held at Catch.

The expert also suggested that Taylor was enjoying the chance to try a romance with someone who had a more 'dominating presence' than her previous partners

According to the specialist, Taylor seemed to be relishing the opportunity to pursue a relationship with someone who possessed a more authoritative demeanor than her previous significant others.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce exiting The Waverly Inn in New York City

The pair were all smiles as they left the venue

On Sunday, the popular singer known for her hit song “Bad Blood,” was spotted joyfully walking hand-in-hand with her partner in New York City. The couple had just finished a meal at The Waverly Inn and were leisurely strolling down the street.

Taylor was seen hand in hand with Travis and appeared to be smitten while glancing up at him and smiling. Travis later left Taylor’s Tribeca apartment on Sunday afternoon. While Jason, Travis’s brother, attended the Philadelphia Eagles’ game with friends, Taylor decided to steer clear of the event. Reports suggest that the two are both extremely busy but are understanding of each other’s schedules, which makes them a good match. According to insiders, they like each other, support each other and feel comfortable not being by each other’s side all the time. The couple went public just a few weeks ago, and it’s still a new relationship.

Travis and Taylor first confirmed dating rumors after they were pictured together following the NFL tight end's game at Arrowhead stadium in September

In September, Travis and Taylor acknowledged the rumors about their relationship after they were photographed together following the NFL tight end’s game at Arrowhead stadium.

After making their first public appearance together, the pair packed on the PDA at a private party at Prime Social in Kansas City, Missouri later that evening

The couple showed off their affectionate side at a private gathering in Kansas City, Missouri, following their debut public appearance. They were seen engaging in PDA at Prime Social.

Taylor and Travis plan to spend time together to know each other better. Taylor has attended several games of Kansas City Chiefs with the most recent one being their win against Denver Broncos. During the game, she was seen cozying up with Travis’ mother Donna and even spoke to his father Ed for the first time. Although meeting with parents can be stressful, the meeting went “very well” according to sources and Taylor seems to have won over Donna who called her a “lovely person”. After the game, she spent the night at Travis’s home as per DailyMail.com exclusive photos that showed her security outside the property the following morning.

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