“Ben Affleck Plays Chauffeur to Jennifer Lopez While She Appears Deep in Thought and Anxious in LA”

On Friday, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted driving around Los Angeles, with Affleck in the driver’s seat and Lopez looking tense in the passenger seat. The couple appeared to be engaged in a serious discussion, with Affleck doing most of the talking and Lopez listening intently. After parking the car, their conversation continued briefly, with Lopez looking away from Affleck at one point, possibly processing what he was saying.

Serious conversation: Jennifer Lopez looked tense while sitting in the passenger seat next to her husband Ben Affleck as they went for a drive around Los Angeles, California together

During their drive around Los Angeles, California, Jennifer Lopez seemed to be in a serious mood while sitting in the passenger seat alongside her husband, Ben Affleck.

Tense? While the Gone Girl star, 51, chauffeured her around in his black vehicle on Friday, the 54-year-old singer appeared to be deep in thought as they had a seemingly serious discussion

As the actor from Gone Girl, aged 51, drove her in his black car on Friday, the singer, aged 54, seemed to be lost in thought during what appeared to be a serious conversation.

Hearing him out: The father-of-three appeared to be doing the majority of talking as an eyewitness told DailyMail.com that the Grammy nominee listened 'intently'

According to a witness, the father-of-three was doing most of the talking during his recent sighting with an agitated demeanor. However, a source close to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s one-year marriage stated that they are still very much in love with each other. Despite reports of Lopez being furious over photos of Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner hanging out, the insider clarified that there is no ill will between them. In fact, Lopez has been credited for strengthening Affleck’s relationship with Garner through their happy co-parenting setup. The insider added that all of their kids love each other, making it a very happy co-parenting situation.

Listening: Their conversation occurred briefly in a parked car and she reportedly, at one point, 'looked away' from him 'as if processing what he was saying'

During a brief moment in a stationary vehicle, they engaged in a conversation where it was reported that she turned her gaze away from him, as if taking a moment to comprehend what he was expressing.

In a good place: Despite the superstar's agitated demeanor during their latest sighting, a source close to the actor and the Jenny From the Block songstress told DailyMail.com that they are 'very much in love with each other' one year into their marriage'

Feeling positive: Though the famous individual appeared a bit tense during their most recent public appearance, someone close to both them and their partner, the talented artist behind “Jenny From the Block”, shared with DailyMail.com that the couple is still deeply in love, even after a full year of being married.

Earlier this week, some outlets reported that Lopez was 'absolutely furious' after photos emerged of him and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner hanging out

Earlier this week, it was reported by several sources that Lopez was extremely angry after pictures surfaced of him spending time with his ex-spouse Jennifer Garner.

According to Closer Weekly, Jennifer Lopez was left feeling jealous after Ben Affleck’s recent meeting with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. However, a source from DailyMail.com has denied these rumors, stating that the couple’s relationship is going strong with no drama at all. They are happy together and have been enjoying the extra time they have had to spend with each other while the writers and actors’ strikes continue. Both Affleck and Lopez are still working on their individual projects, but they are always there to support each other. In fact, Lopez often turns to Affleck for advice on co-parenting her children with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony.

Ben Affleck 's romance with Jennifer Lopez has strengthened his relationship with ex-wife Jennifer Garner (seen together in 2014) - and 'the drama of the past' and 'emotions' from their 'divorce' are 'long gone'

A previous report stated that Lopez is fully in support of her ex-husband and his current partner’s successful co-parenting arrangement, according to a source who spoke to DailyMail.com. The source also claimed that Lopez played a part in helping them achieve this positive dynamic. (A photo from 2014 shows Lopez alongside Jennifer Garner.)

Blended family: Lopez and Garner are also reportedly 'friendly' with one another and that all of their kids 'love each other'

According to reports, the blended family of Lopez and Garner share a friendly relationship. Moreover, all of their children seem to love each other.

According to sources, JLO and Ben Affleck have been discussing how she handles her previous relationship with Marc Anthony, and they have been able to come to a solution. It is heartwarming to witness their communication and understanding. Recently, photographers caught Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner meeting up in Los Angeles. They were seen getting into his black Mercedes-Benz together after sharing an intimate moment in his car. Affleck and Garner first met while filming Pearl Harbor and Daredevil. After Garner’s failed marriage to Scott Foley, the couple tied the knot in 2005 and welcomed three children together. However, they announced their separation in 2015 and waited three years before their divorce was finalized.

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