Ben Affleck Jokingly Criticizes Jennifer Lopez’s “Sizzling” Wardrobe Choices

J-Lo is not one to hide her assets. Whether it’s strutting down the red carpet of the Met Gala 2023 in a daring Ralph Lauren cutout gown or flaunting her abs in a high-slit Julien Macdonald dress, the singer and actress is known for her bold and sexy fashion choices.

During her appearance on “Live! With Kelly and Mark” on Friday, Jennifer Lopez shared that her husband, Ben Affleck, enjoys teasing her about her daring fashion choices. Lopez revealed that Affleck would sometimes joke about her outfits, asking her where the rest of her shirt was or making other suggestive comments. Despite this, Lopez takes it all in stride and responds with humor, telling him that some of her ensembles are simply designed to be more revealing.

There’s no news on how Affleck felt about his wife’s complete leopard-print Valentino attire during the taping. However, J.Lo revealed that she sometimes seeks her partner’s fashion recommendations, even if she doesn’t always follow them.

During his press tour for the movie “Air,” Affleck took the opportunity to express his admiration for his wife. He showered her with compliments, declaring that she was the most stunning woman on the planet and constantly praised her appearance.

According to Lopez, she and Affleck enjoy being physically affectionate with each other and often hold hands. The couple tied the knot twice – first in a quick Las Vegas wedding in June 2022 and then in a grand reception in Georgia.

During an interview, Ripa and Consuelos inquired about how to manage their height difference successfully. Lopez disclosed their exceptional technique – she walks a step behind Affleck all the time, enabling them to hold hands effortlessly while posing for photographs.

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